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The story of Pokies entertainment so far in 2018

Story of pokies

As 2017 is about to end in few days, 2018 might see lots of changes in pokies entertainment. Pokies have stories in history where the crude machines changed to fascination and glamour and travelled to digital as well as VR gaming till now.

It all started in 1895 when Charles Fey first introduced pokies machine. Pokies machines as heavy with metal casing, having only a tiny coin inlet to insert with a small lever to pull as if starting an old model car engine that made the internal gears spin. The three reels featured diamonds, hearts, spades, horseshoes, stars and a cracked liberty bell (the name of the machine), all of which were hand painted. If three of these symbols matched up, the machine would automatically release its coins for the winner.

But people were charmed by the way it gave out coins and thus started the journey of pokies around the world. Mills Novelty Co. soon copied the idea and supplied bars around Australia, North America and Europe with the game. Over the years, new manufacturers began to add more reels and symbols to the original, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that they raised the jackpot odds high enough for more investors to become interested. You see, the original machines only had 1,000 combinations available, but when computerization was introduced, the odds of winning were raised to 1 in 16.8 million.

Computer age brought many changes to pokies machines as well as many casinos were on the rise both land and online.  Computer and technology made pokies more independent, meaning casinos could fill entire floors with the machines without having to attend to every unit individually. Instead, microprocessors ensured that the machines delivered high, frequent jackpots when possible and smaller jackpots when almost empty.

Around this time, many pokies manufacturers also introduced the Random Number Generator (RNG) and Ticket-In/Ticket-Out system. Not only do RNGs inform each individual machine what percentage it should pay out when compared to how much money has been paid in, but it also makes winning completely unpredictable for the first time ever.

Meanwhile, the Ticket-In/Ticket-Out method allowed casinos a little extra safety, as the tickets displaying jackpot amounts had to be swapped by a cashier. Before this system was introduced, jackpots were rewarded instantly in cash which made it incredibly difficult for casino operators to keep track of how much they had paid out.

As the millennium approached, many land-based casino brands as well as up-and-coming entrepreneurs realized the potential of creating online pokies.  Many gaming brands and software companies like Microgaming, Aristocrat, Playtech and Netent brought many new vibrant, progressive and swift gaming access to players all over the globe. By 2012, online casino operators  were able to compete with other flourishing gaming industries, by offering online pokies such as Mega Moolah, Major Millions, Starburst and Guns N Roses in addition to digital table games, scratch cards and even live dealer games. Also all of these games can be accessed on a variety of platforms including desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Pokies- A problem in Australia

But when pokies became a problem

Pokies became a problem when players lost more and were addicted to it. There was special impact on Australians where billions of dollars went down the drain by playing pokies. Many of these losses came from problem gamblers who cannot afford it. Placing bet limits on high-intensity machines help curb these losses without impacting on recreational gamblers.

There is/was an abundance of evidence that gambling – and pokies in particular – causes enormous harm in the community. Genuine gambling reform is an issue governments now have to face.

The failure of the poker machine reform legislation has been attributed largely to the lack of any betting limits on pokies under the most recent form of the laws. Both the Australian Greens and Senator Nick Xenophon demanded that a $1 bet cap on pokies and clubs be implemented in an attempt to limit problem gambling.

Supporters claim that the change would help limit the ability of players with potential gambling problems from spending beyond their means, while those who oppose the change point not only to the initial cost of implementation, but also the fact that reducing bets will lead to reduced revenues for clubs, and limit player options without significantly changing the incidence of problem gambling.

At the present time in Australia, there are no low-intensity machines where bets are restricted to ranges consistent with normal, recreational play. This contrasts with other jurisdictions around the world such as New Zealand and the United Kingdom, where certain venues are restricted to machines with low limits on the maximum stake and maximum prize. In the United States, high-intensity machines are generally limited to casinos.

It is possible to quickly lose large sums of money on the typical Australian poker machine. In states where a $10 maximum bet applies and the spin rate is unregulated, a gambler could expect to lose $1200 per hour – with possible losses significantly higher.

Because of the risks high-intensity machines pose, the Productivity Commission made several recommendations for reform in the area of electronic gaming machines.

  • A maximum bet limit of $1 per spin. Given that 88% of recreational gamblers already spend less than $1 per spin when playing pokies, this policy will not affect the average punter playing the pokies for an hour or two on a night out.
  • Limiting the amount of money to $20 that can be loaded into a machine at any one time will slow problem gamblers down.
  • Jackpots of no more than $500 reduces the volatility of the machines and therefore their addictiveness.
  • To give the industry time to adjust, all new machines must support bet and jackpot limits by 2018, with the limits enforced by 2020.

The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016

The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 includes legislation that bans all internet gaming activities not specifically authorized within the new national codes, such as online poker. Although sports betting will remain authorized, the amended law reiterates the nationwide ban on any form of in-play wagering. A number of major operators have been offering in-play betting via a technical loophole where players could place an in-play wager via telephone, rather than online. It is thought the move could trigger a mass exodus of gambling companies from the country, with a number of firms having already withdrawn. As a result of the law changes, consumers that currently play online poker and place in-play bets on sports, and wish to continue doing so, will be forced to turn to unauthorized websites.

The pokies story will continue as the technological advancement behind the games rise each day. Now with virtual reality and augmented reality games boom pokies will also surely adopt this new technology. But will it bring a BIG change and stop punters to feed their money into these machines time will tell.


Ever counted the number of casinos in Vegas- Know the figures and the facts

Las Vegas Casino

If you are wondering how many casinos are in Las Vegas then find below some interesting facts and figures. According to 2017 figures there are 104 casinos in Las Vegas. These are located in the Las Vegas valley including downtown, the Strip, and suburbs, even though, technically, some of these are not in the city limits of Las Vegas.

These figures are taken from the Nevada Gaming Commission’s “unrestricted gaming licenses,” which defines a casino as a business with more than 15 pokies machines or one with table games.

That shows not in count the local 7-11 with a video poker machine as a casino (Like the “Louie,” a taxi driver who runs a semi-regular craps game behind the 7-11 on Friday nights). The neighbourhood bar with a few video poker machines, or the corner gas station with a few pokies machines aren’t considered casinos by the Nevada Gaming Commission, and thus, are not counted as casinos.

The  Nevada State Gaming Control Board, is good source for such figures considering they have authority over the ownership, games, licenses, and everything else to do with casinos and gambling in Nevada.

Few interesting facts

  • There are 172 casinos in Clark County, as of January 1, 2017, according to the Nevada State Gaming Control Board. This is up exactly 1 casino from 2016, but down 4 from the 176 casinos in Clark County in 2015 . For those of you unaware, Las Vegas is in Clark County, as are the gambling destinations of Mesquite, and Laughlin, Nevada. This 172 figure also includes the casinos in nearby Primm. Overall, Clark County has roughly 2 million people, and encompasses all of Southern Nevada.
  • 87% of the state’s gambling revenue comes from casinos in Clark County, Nevada, and 57% of the state’s gambling money comes from the Las Vegas Strip.
  • The 172 casinos in Clark County took in $9.7 billion in gaming revenue for the 2016 calendar year. This is up just slightly from the $9.6 billion earned in 2016 and up slightly from the $9.5 billion in gaming revenue for 2014.
  • Clark County’s gaming revenues were $9.7 billion 2013, meaning there hasn’t been any growth in gaming revenue in Clark Country in 4 years.
  • Although Clark County has 172 casinos, you cannot count the 172 figure in this Las Vegas figure, seeing as how some of those casinos are pretty far away from town.

Fortunately, the state of Nevada separates gaming revenue figures into many different geographical sections – four of which would apply to Las Vegas: The Strip, Downtown, North Las Vegas, and The Boulder Stip.

The Strip

The Strip

Of the 172 casinos in Clark County, Nevada, there are currently 40 casinos in the Las Vegas Strip area as of 2017 data. For their purposes however, the Nevada Gaming Commission includes casinos that are not actually on Las Vegas Boulevard as being Strip casinos in their figures. These include major resorts like the Rio, the Palms, the Hard Rock, and the Westgate. Also included in this list, are off-Strip properties like Hooters, the Orleans, and the Gold Coast. As you might expect, these 40 casinos represent the vast majority of gaming income in Las Vegas. In fact, in 2016, the Strip accounted for 57% of all the gaming revenue in Nevada. In 2016, Las Vegas Strip casinos generated $6.376 billion in gaming revenue, down slightly from the $6.348 billion in gaming revenue generated in 2015. It nearly matched the 2014 figures.


Downtown Las Vegas

There were 20 casinos reporting revenue in the downtown Las Vegas/Fremont Street area in 2016. These 20 downtown casinos had gaming revenues of over $564 million in 2016, which was up over 4% from the $542 million in 2015.

In contrast, the 40 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip took in approximately $6.4 billion in 2016. So although the Strip has just over twice as many casinos, it has over 11 times more gambling revenue than downtown. This really isn’t surprising given the modest size of many of the popular casinos on Fremont Street as compared to the behemoths like the Bellagio and MGM Grand on the Strip.

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas has 12 casinos, again, according to the Nevada State Gaming Control Board. Casinos in North Las Vegas are mainly locals-oriented, and are not that popular than their cousins on the Strip. North Las Vegas Casinos include the Station chain properties: Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino and the Texas Station, as well as the old-school classic joint: Jerry’s Nugget, which has been around since 1964. My friend Ken stops there every time he’s in Las Vegas, as they always have very low minimums on the craps tables. Also in this North Las Vegas category are the Cannery Casino and the Aliante Hotel and Casino, which was built in 2008. In 2016, these North Las Vegas casinos brought in $275 million in gaming revenue, up from the $271 million in gaming revenue in 2015.

Boulder Strip

Boulder Strip

The Boulder Highway area covers some casinos in Las Vegas suburbs, or those on the outskirts. These are mostly locals places, and include casino/hotels such as Sam’s Town, Boulder Station, Fiesta Station, Green Valley Ranch, and such. There are 31 casinos in this area.

It may surprise you to learn that casinos in the Boulder Strip area bring in more gambling revenue than downtown Las Vegas. This area of mostly “locals” casinos is roughly seven to ten miles east and southeast of the Las Vegas Strip. While many tourists have probably never played there, this section of town, which includes Henderson, Nevada, is an impressive player in the casino market. There are 32 casinos on the Boulder Strip. These thirty-two casinos brought in $787 million in gaming revenue during 2016, versus the $784 million in gaming revenue in 2015.


How one becomes a pokie addict – The story of an Australian professor

pokies addict

Laurie Brown an Australian professor who has successful academic career at the University of Canberra but is a problem punter addicted by pokies machines. She sometimes lost as much as A$1700 a night at a Canberra Raiders club. She has a partner who stands by her, despite her losing A$230,000  on the pokies, putting a massive hurdle in the way of their retirement plans. She understands statistics and knows the gambler loses.

None of that stopped Brown heading to the Raiders club in Canberra three nights a week and losing sometimes as much as A$1700 a pop on the pokies in 2016. Brown and partner John Formby say no one at the club did anything to stop her. The staff knew her well – she gambled regular hours, 10am till 4am, when she knew her partner would be asleep at their cattle farm more than two hours from Canberra.

Clubs have a A$250 daily withdrawal limit on ATM machines. But Brown had four accounts, so could take out up to A$250 from each. After that, she went to a nearby ATM for more money, but a staff member told her she could simply use the club’s eftpos. From then, she handed her card to a staff member and withdrew hundreds of dollars a night at the counter to feed into the poker machines.

Brown, who doesn’t drink and never bought a meal in the club, compares her vulnerability to pokies to a drug addict.

Australian professor pokie addict

Laurie Brown with her partner

How it all started

Her first bender was in 2011, when she was living alone during the week, heading to join her partner on the farm on weekends. She made regular late-evening visits to another Raiders club, losing A$30,000 before the bank alerted her partner. The disclosure sparked a crisis and a complaint to the Gambling and Racing Commission which declined action against the club.

Brown put herself on the self-exclusion list, which bans entry to clubs. The couple blocked her access to their daily accounts and, for three years, she was safe. In mid-2015 she relapsed, heading to the Labor Club in Belconnen, Canberra to play the pokies. While her exclusion had expired, the club would not let her in without her family’s authorization. So Brown went to Raiders Belconnen despite the “big fight” with its sister club just three years before. There, her gambling resumed.

Raiders Belconnen didn’t her any questions. They just signed her up and that was the beginning of the slippery slope as she says. She played the pokies for a full 17 months, losing about A$200,000 from the couple’s retirement savings. Again, the bank eventually alerted her partner, in January 2017

Brown says her behaviour was that of a problem gambler – devious and secretive, and “to this day she do not know what happened, why she went back”. Formby said he had felt protected by the restricted access to bank accounts and the self-exclusion. He had no idea what was going on and was amazed as how can someone  go to pokies machines for 151 nights until 4am and spend all this money and nobody notices of this addiction.

Protection necessary for pokies addicts

Brown wants better protection for addicted gamblers, with stringent self-exclusion and intervention from staff. She wants withdrawal and spin limits, and changes to the design of poker machines, which “give the impression that you’re close to winning”.

The couple want the Raiders to take responsibility, pointing to the requirement for Australian clubs to raise the alert about anyone for which a staff member “has reasonable grounds for believing has a gambling problem”. Raiders chief executive Simon Hawkins said while the couple presented the club with a spreadsheet detailing her losses, the club would not refund any money, because he had not seen evidence the money was lost at the club and because it was Brown’s choice to spend the money.

Brown had shown no signs of problem gambling. She was “calm and relaxed, very friendly” and had shown no signs of distress, which could have triggered intervention. The amount spent was not an obvious trigger. “At the end of the day there are some very wealthy people who like to gamble and it’s not for operator to say they’re not allowed to. It is after all their business. But this is the version of clubs and their pokies. It is you who ultimately lose all and they profit with such business.

It is therefore always advisable to learn a lesson from such addicts and play responsibly.


The Wiggles brings National Christmas show to Perth


The Wiggles will bring their national Christmas show to Perth Arena on November 18. Christmas will be coming early for Perth kids this year with the announcement that The Wiggles will hit WA as part of a national Christmas tour in November.

The hugely popular children’s entertainment act will play at Perth Arena on November 18 to kick off a national tour that includes Adelaide, Wollongong, Brisbane and Canberra.

Wiggles performing

The Wiggly Christmas Big Show tour will feature all the hallmark bells and whistles of The Wiggles’ usual tours, including appearances by their friends Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus. There will be a range of dances, a huge inflatable backdrop and, of course, the Big Red Car to entertain children.


The Wiggles have been entertaining children around the world for over 26 years  and have been on an international roadshow, performing in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada and New Zealand. It’s an exciting new era for The Wiggles with a new generation of Wiggles fans singing and dancing with Anthony (Blue), Emma (Yellow), Lachy (Purple) and Simon (Red)! The Wiggles are the world’s most popular children’s entertainment group which formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991. The Wiggles performed to some 330,000 fans in 2016 at 143 locations globally with 332 shows in total. You can Click here for more details.


Sydney pubs to have now more fun and music rather than pokies to play

Sydney pubs

Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham owner of Paddington’s Unicorn Hotel and Mary’s burger joint. Photo: James Brickwood

Australia has more pokies per person than any other country excluding casino-dominated destinations such as Macau and Monaco and almost half of these machines are in NSW pubs and clubs. Because of pokies the other form of entertainment has suffered a lot like music and food. According to Dr Charles Livingstone, head of the gambling and social determinants unit at Monash University, poker machines are a major problem in Australia and harms include financial catastrophe, divorce and separation, neglect and abuse of children, crime, mental and physical health problems and, in extreme cases, suicide.

In the 1990s a lot of joints starting making easy money from the pokies so they didn’t have to try as hard on the food and entertainment front. But now the pubs in Sydney and many parts of Australia are focussing more fun on music, good food and drinks rather than on pokies.

Chippendale’s Lansdowne Hotel  was supposed to be the pokie den and now it’s a space to drink beer with mates and have an awesome time. Also there have been even having male and female go-go dancers in here for the opening weekend to make this place a lot of fun.

The City Road hotel will start slinging schooners and counter meals, having sat vacant since the previous owners called last drinks in April 2015.

Smyth and business partner, Kenny Graham, who also co-own Paddington’s Unicorn Hotel and Mary’s burger joint in Newtown, are determined to restore their new pub to the legendary live music venue it once was, where bands such as You Am I and The Living End wind milled guitars on a regular basis. The pair believe that giving poker machines the boot is essential to reach this goal.


Sydney Pubs

Food, music and big dreams for the new owners of the Lansdowne Hotel: Jake Smyth, centre, and Kenny Graham, right, with their live music booker Matt Rule. Photo: Edwina Pickles


The Bald Faced Stag in Leichhardt is also booting pokies to focus on music. The pub’s new owner, Scott Mackenzie, says removing the machines was part of the business plan when he took control of the hotel three months ago.

Tom and Ana Lawrence

Tom and Anna Lawrence are leading a Proudly Pokies Free campaign. Photo: Dominic Lorrimer


There is a need for more live music venues in Sydney so that without the pokies machines they can get 500 people in the bandroom. The Parramatta Road pub has a “Proudly Pokies Free” banner fixed to its facade, supplied by a youth-focused campaign bringing the anti-pokie conversation to a venue level.

According to its co founder Tom Lawrence they want to talk to Australians about why they need to change their culture and attitude towards pokies and the biggest way they’re working towards that is celebrating venues that don’t have pokies and are the heroes in the community.

Proudly Pokies Free-approved venues are issued with stickers and signage to be displayed on premises. Other Sydney pubs championed by the campaign include The Unicorn, Alexandria’s Lord Raglan Hotel, The Oxford Tavern in Petersham and The Carrington, Surry Hills.


The three free monorails that get you up and down the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Tram

If you are planning to go to Las Vegas and thinking of conveyance then there is excellent tram service available.  There are three free monorails owned and operated by casinos on the west side of the Las Vegas Strip. These three non-related systems offer a patchwork of convenience for walking-weary tourists which can save a lot of time. Also they are different than the longer, official Las Vegas Monorail system on the other side of Las Vegas Boulevard, which you have to pay to ride.

1. The Mandalay Bay to Luxor to Excalibur

Mandalay Bay Tram

This monorail or tram shuttles from Mandalay Bay to Luxor and to Excaliber because all the three of these casinos are owned by MGM resorts so you can play pokies or casino games by stopping at any of these casinos. Starting at Mandalay Bay, this tram goes north, stopping at the Luxor before ending at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. All three stops have great signage to help you get around and figure out where you’re going.

The train cars themselves are clean and air-conditioned, but can get pretty crowded sometimes – especially on busy Las Vegas holiday weekends. The trip takes about anywhere from 7 to 8 minutes to the maximum time of commute.

However the trip is much faster going from the Excalibur to the Mandalay Bay. That’s because it’s an express tram, and does not stop at the Luxor on its southern journey. The express tram takes less than five minutes to get from the Excalibur to the Mandalay Bay stop.

Note that this is not a 24 hours of operation. This tram hours of operation is from Sunday – Wednesday from 9 AM to 12:30 PM and on Thursdays to Saturdays from 9 AM until 2:30 PM. During operating hours, trains run every five minutes or so, so you won’t ever be waiting long. From the Excalibur Tram station, it’s just a quick walk over the pedestrian bridge to get to either the Tropicana on the east, or the New York New York to the north.

2. Monte Carlo to Aria to the Bellagio

Aria casino tram

Starting at the south, the monorail, called the Aria Express, begins outside, near what used to be called the “Street of Dreams” shopping mall at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. The Monte Carlo is or soon to ve the Park MGM Hotel & Casino, with a boutique hotel called the NoMad Hotel located within the property as well. This Monte Carlo/Park MGM stop also leads you close to one of the entrances to the Aria. From the Monte Carlo stop, the tram heads north, stopping at the Crystals shopping mall, which is the dropping off point for those of you heading to the Cosmopolitan. There’s also access to the Aria from this stop too.

From the Crystals/Aria stop, the tram continues north to the south tower (Spa Tower) of the Bellagio. From here, you can go down some escalators, walk past the convention hall, and you’re in the Bellagio. This stop also provides access to the Vdara Hotel. Of course, you can go back the same way. The trip takes between 5 to 8 minutes, and trams run every seven to ten, seven days a week, from 8 AM to 4 AM.

3. Mirage  to Treasure Island

Mirage Casino

This monorail system starts at the south at the Mirage, and runs north toTreasure Island. It was built when Steve Wynn opened Treasure Island in 1993. At the time Wynn owned both Treasure Island and the Mirage.

There’s not much else to say about this quick tram trip as it takes less than five minutes, other than it’s the monorail system in Las Vegas that requires the least amount of walking to get into the heart of the casino. Both stops are relatively close to their respective casino entrances.

Unlike the other two free monorails, which just shuttle customers back and forth between casinos that are in the family, the Mirage to Treasury Island tram takes players and drops them off at a competitor’s casino. The Mirage is now owned by MGM Resorts, whereas the Treasure Island is owned by the man who used to own the old Frontier Hotel and Casino, Phil Ruffin. MGM Resorts used to own Treasure Island, but they reportedly had to sell it for a relatively cheap $775 million, to help pay for the costs associated with the City Center project.

Although the tram has shut down on occasions for maintenance and repairs it still runs on its usual operating hours from Monday – Thursday: 9 AM to 1 AM and Friday – Saturday: 9 AM to 2 AM

So to sum up take advantage of these free monorails at the Monte Carlo, take that free tram all the way to the Bellagio, where you’ll get out and walk through the Bellagio – crossing over the pedestrian bridge over Flamingo Boulevard towards Caesars Palace. From there, you could either walk towards the Mirage on the strip sidewalk, or take a cooler stroll through Caesars Palace and the Forum Shops.

From the Mirage, take the tram to the Treasure Island, where you’ll exit and take the pedestrian bridge across to the Venetian, where it’s just another fairly short pedestrian bridge walk to the Wynn  which is not really the northernmost part of the Las Vegas strip, but close enough. Note that like the other trams and monorails on the Las Vegas strip, the passenger cars are comfortable, and always seem to be clean. Be sure to hold on to something around you, as they can accelerate and stop deceivingly fast.

Also there are other paid or point based shuttles that you can take like the Sam’s Town Shuttle or the Rio Vegas Shuttle. Find here the train hours and buy your tickets here.


Brisbane Lions – The home of games and entertainment

Brisbane Lions

The Brisbane Lions were formed on 4 July, 1996, when the AFL approved a merger between the Brisbane Bears and the Fitzroy Lions. The club was officially launched on 1 November 1996 and joined the national competition in 1997 It was the first union of two clubs in the ideal combination of youthful optimism and energy and the wisdom of history and tradition. The Brisbane Bears were a young and emerging force to be reckoned with; while the Fitzroy Lions had been in existence for more than 100 years. The Lions have, along with Geelong and Hawthorn, become the one of the three equally most successful AFL clubs in the 21st century. They competed at four AFL Grand Finals from 2001 and 2004. In 2001, 2002, and 2003 the Lions won the premierships.

Brisbane Lions Gaming

Zillions gaming Lounge is the thrilling place where you can try your luck to win elusive jackpot at any one of the 200 poker machines. There is a range of the latest in gaming technology and denominations including Helix Lightning Link, Jackpot Vault, Players Paradise, Rapid Fire, Jackpot General, Cash Carriage To enhance the experience inside the gaming lounge there is a dedicated Tab and Keno facility.

Brisbane Lions Cage Tab

The Cage TAB and Sports Bar offer decently priced beverage selection. Also have a few pool tables, comfortable booths, plenty of TVs to watch the matches with 9 huge plasma screens, your game will be aired. Showcases Fox Sports 1HD to 5HD Fox Footy and Fox Sports News plus Sky Racing Channels 1 & 2. All major sporting events are shown at The Cage Bar Have free pool Monday to Friday between 3.00pm – 6.00pm and a fully operational TAB facility.

Cafe Suprimo

Caffe Suprimo is casual and relaxed dining atmosphere with generous portions at reasonable rates, with  mouth-watering menu that ranges from crispy Panko Crumbed Flounder to sizzling T-bone Steaks. With the ability to seat 200 people, can even accommodate large groups. There is a video arcade for children and every Monday kids eat free with a paying adult.  There is an unbeatable Specials Menu for seniors, like your grandparents. The Caffe is open from 11am until 9pm 7 days a week.


Trivia Night

Every day participate in different events to suit your personalities. Come for Trivia on Tuesday very Tuesday 7PM and try to get $270 wins each week and  on Thursdays for Bingo at 9.30 am. There are more daily events happening around each day for you to entertain yourself.

Live Musicians

Live musicians are hosted every weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from local bands and musicians. Join the show in Caffe Suprimo main dining area or in The Cage Bar featuring a wide selection of music, from classic rock to soulful acoustic guitar and everything in between. Also grab a cool drink and enjoy the fantastic energy and talent from local or national musicians in weekends.

Where to enjoy all the fun

Visit Brisbane Lions, 2 Pannikin Street, Rochedale South QLD 4123

Call to know the details of each event at 07 3457 2100


From Hipsters to Soul Mates- The Bondi Hipsters web series that emerged from tragedy shows how positive one should be even when odds are not in your favour

Bond Hipsters

In their Facebook page the Bondi Hipsters describe them as Adrian and Dom, the two eco-conscious, party-animal Hipsters from Bondi, who are trying to get their nameless fashion brand off the ground. They love to talk about fashion, music, politics, current events, culture, and anything else they think will make them sound cool.

They have made many comedy videos and TV Show “Soul Mates”, and others and garnered a huge online audience.

Some may know Christiaan Van Vuuren better as Dom Nader from Bondi Hipsters, while others may have followed his journey from the Fully Sick Rapper before the apathetic characters went viral on YouTube.

But there was an unlikely catalyst that kick-started Christiaan’s career and now he, his brother Connor Van Vuuren and their friend Nick Boshier are pinned as some of Australia’s most promising and innovative comedians and producers.

But do you know how the journey to this popularity started.

In 2009 Christiaan, originally from Cronulla Beach south of Sydney, travelled to South America for a holiday away from his Sydney advertising job. What he didn’t know was that he would bring back with him a rare and deadly disease.

Christiaan Van Vuuren (right) and Nick Boshier (left) make up the dynamic duo known as Bondi Hipsters- Image Source: Mail Online Andrew Murray

The then 27-year-old was diagnosed with tuberculosis after he was rushed to hospital coughing up blood. He spent 21 days in quarantine before he was released. But Christiaan received a phone call just weeks later, when one of his doctors broke the news that he actually contracted a drug-resistant form of the disease.

Back in the Sydney hospital room where he would spent more than six months straight in quarantine, he had to find a way to amuse himself. In a bid to fill the long days spent mostly in isolation, Christiaan started making videos with the aid of his new laptop in a bid to entertain himself, and a handful of friends. From this, the Fully Sick Rapper was born.

Bondi Hipsters

The then 27-year-old shot to online fame with his character the Fully Sick Rapper, whose songs were mainly about his illness

Connor joined forces with his brother while he was in hospital and the pair began to produce videos together. Christiaan filmed himself making an array of hilarious and touching videos from the confines of his hospital room – most of which revolved around his sickness. For his doctor, TB specialist Dr Hazel Goldberg it was inspiring to see someone deal with a potentially life-threatening illness in such a positive way. According to the doctor the the disease was serious and it was clear from the state of Christiaan when he presented at the hospital that this was a fairly advanced case.

What started as a pass-time for Christiaan developed into hundreds of thousands of views from a growing online audience, despite the comedian’s initial refusal to engage with social media.

Bondi Hipsters spice advert

The trio have garnered international fame and also appeared in an advertisement for Old Spice

Entry into Facebook

By 2009 Facebook had really taken off worldwide but Christiaan didn’t want anything to do with it. ‘Why would you want to watch your friends online – why not catch up with them?’ he said.
The irony that it was social media – where he has millions of views on Youtube and close to 100,000 likes across various Facebook pages – that really kick started Christiaan’s career is not lost on him.
Fast forward through Christiaan’s long recovery, which involved daily trips to the hospital for treatment for a full year after his release, Connor – known then as the Van Buuren Brothers – met Nick Boshier.

Coming together over their shared You tube prominence the group decided to collaborate, and the gluten-free clean-living fashion-conscious Bondi Hipsters, originally just the Hipsters, were created.

Following the exploits of Dom Nader, played by Christiaan, and Nick as Adrian ‘Aids’ Archer, Bondi Hipsters ‘started off as a little left-jab at those Bondi guys’.

According to Christiaan young kids out interested in environmentalist issue but they weren’t changing their own lives and they care about all the big things as long as they don’t affect their own lives. Their most popular video is titled The Organic Life, and highlights the contradictions they observed in people living a ‘clean’ life in Bondi while hitting up the party scene on the weekends.

Christiaan’s time in hospital also reignited the strong friendship between he and Connor. ‘I would say my brother is my best friend’, Christiaan said.

While Christiaan has become somewhat of a spokesperson for the group, he made sure it was known just how much work goes on behind the scenes and the hard yards Nick and Connor also put in.

The hard work has paid off for the trio and the they have made the jump from computer screens to the small screen.  Their TV series title Soulmates was aired on ABC 2 loosely based on the character quirks and traits evident in the Bondi Hipsters. It tracks two souls as they live their lives through different reincarnations, and despite the out-there graphics and crazy concepts Christiaan reincarnation ‘feels like a more possible concept than it used to’.

The show is based on ‘the idea if you’re in a reincarnating soul what happens from life to life. Is the idea of a soul mate or is there a reason for that.

Bondi Hipsters soul mates

Last year Bondi Hipsters, Ian Thorpe also teamed up for hilarious olympics videos.Watch their soul mates TV episodes now


Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of “Get Rich or Die Tryin” with 50 Cent in 2018 Australia

50 cent

It’s coming up to 15 years since 50 Cent released ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and to celebrate, 50’s coming down under for two massive outdoor shows, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. Turns out it’s been over a decade since 50 toured down under, he was last here in 2006 just after the release of the movie ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, so fans are obviously pretty stoked he’ll be coming back in 2018.

Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is the major-label debut studio album by 50 Cent. It was released February 6, 2003, by Aftermath, Shady, Interscope and Universal. The album was produced by Dr. Dre and Eminem, and featured guest appearances from Eminem, Nate Dogg, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo.



The album debuted and peaked at number one on the Billboard 200, selling over 872,000 copies in its 1st week. It generated over 5 singles, including the number one hits “In da Club” and “21 Questions”, and the international hit “P.I.M.P.” By 2016, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ sold 8.4 million copies in the United States and is certified 6× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Upon its release, the album received universal widespread critical acclaim from most music critics and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, losing to OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below at the 46th Grammy Awards.

In 2018 50 Cent is currently scheduled to perform two massive outdoor shows in Australia

  • Friday, 9th February: Parramatta Park, Sydney NSW
  • Saturday 10th February: Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne VIC.

Tickets are  $99 + booking fees for General Admission or $159.00 + Booking fees for the Platinum Admission and you should be 18 and over years of age to enter. Gates open at 5:30pm in Sydney and 5:00pm in Melbourne, and you get there as close to these times as possible to get the best spots.

Click here to book your tickets now.


The top five Blackjack table etiquette that you should follow

Game of Blackjack

It is not a new thing about etiquette in casinos specially if you are a frequent visitor. But if you are new player or going to a land casino to enjoy some Blackjack table games then sure this is important for you. Following Blackjack etiquette is important and if you go far out of line the casino staff need to then call the security in some instances but for a minor table manner rule they are not going to lose you as a player too. But certainly when playing Blackjack you need to follow the rules at the outset, you can make the game more fun for yourself and other players. So you need to brush up on your table etiquette, bring a little bit of class to the blackjack table, and improve the gaming experience for everyone. Here are the top five Blackjack table etiquette that you should follow

You need to be gracious

You lose or you win the game of Blackjack, it pays to take the cards as they come. Remember, the dealer is not trying to beat you. He’s not cheating to empty your bank account. If anything, he’s rooting for you to win because it bodes well for his tip. Limit your cursing, be a good winner, and repeat to yourself that it’s just a game.

Gradually pick up the pace

If you do not have the grasp of the Blackjack game then need not worry as dealers are used to coddling beginners. That said, avoid referring back to your strategy card every time the action is on you. Other players want to move the game along, and it is poor etiquette to stretch your turn beyond the limits of good taste. Try online blackjack to familiarize yourself with the game before trying your hand in the casino.

Keep your advice to yourself

This is not just applicable to the blackjack table, but there’s something about the game that attracts know-it-alls. No matter how well-intentioned or useful your advice may be to other players, they don’t want to hear it. If they take it and lose, there’s going to be hard feelings. If you’re sprinkling insults in with your advice, you may find yourself escorted out of the building. Better to keep your wisdom a secret.

Don’t touch the bet

This is a hard habit for some people to break, but it’s one of the quickest ways to attract unwanted attention from security. Once you place your bet, keep your hands away from the chips. Also order your chips properly. When placing a bet, chips are properly stacked with the smallest denomination on top. If you put a more valuable chip on top, most dealers will put them in order for you, slowing the game for everyone. This policy is in place to prevent cheaters from adding a high-value chip to their wager after the hand is finished, so don’t invite suspicion by stacking improperly.

Keep cash out of the betting box

These days new casinos are unlikely to accept cash bets at the blackjack table, but there are a few old-fashioned gaming halls that still let you put some crisp Benjamins down on the action. If you’re in such an establishment, cut down on confusion by keeping your cash out of the betting box. You don’t want the dealer to assume it’s intended as a bet if it isn’t.

With these five etiquette also remember when you are watching a table, do so quietly, as to not bother the players. Also do not touch the cards when playing a face-up Blackjack. If you are playing Face-Down, then you can touch the cards. Note that too much table chatter disrupts the other players’ concentration. If you enjoy booze and play then spilling drinks on the table is obviously a big no-no. Accidents do happen, but take care not to be the cause of the spill.

It is better to learn some blackjack rules like the Hand Signals before entering the game of Blackjack. Finally it is a courtesy to tip the dealer when you are winning, it shows respect and gratitude.