Did anyone ever placed a bet of $7500 at Blackjack Table? It’s a loot or a shoot!

Las Vegas Casinos


Watch this interesting video below about how casinos take away your cash from your pocket in minutes.

Casinos are commercial businesses in the world. With glamour, fun, loud music, and catering to your body requirements be it food, drinks, spa, or even capturing your senses by taking you out to adventure with thrilling outdoor activities, dance, events, and live entertainment, casinos want you to come and spend money.

Like malls or any shopping hubs, these places in the world be it Las Vegas, Australia, Macau, Singapore, or Europe the casinos lure you to spend your real cash.

This video is made by CNBC (CNBC is the number one business and financial news network that keeps up to date with the latest breaking business and financial news) which takes you deep inside and behind the scenes where you can yourself see how you are tempted to spend at casinos and lose much of your money in the hope to win big or in the hope to find happiness in this temporary world.

What you can do to stop this loot?

  • Play casino games for fun and only involve in real cash if you can afford
  • Set a sum of money only to risk or spend if you are tempted to play games at casinos and be within your budget
  • Stop playing games when you start losing money and don’t race to get back what you lost as you will lose more
  • Play responsibly using your mind and wisdom and don’t play because some friend or any one ask you to do so
  • Travel to casinos only for fun and entertainment to enjoy other things rather than games
  • Spend more time with your family and kids
  • If you are desperate to play pokies or other casino games then choose online casinos which offer better odds to win than real land casinos but keep in mind to play within your budget.
  • Finally if you are having a gambling addiction seek help from your nearby problem gambling center or take counselling from doctors, friends and family.