You Believe it or Not: These are the five most amusing bets of all times

Mind you they have nothing to do with Pokies

Funny bets

Do you like to place bets of any kind and take the risk to win something big? Here are the most amusing stories of bets of all times. These were not placed on any casino or any pokies machines but were wagered in strange ways that will surely bring smile on your face.

1. Weird betting on sports

Weird bets of all times

You have heard of sports betting, right. So here is a weird story about a bet on sports in 2013. There was an ongoing match between Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers and a US couple names John and Nicole Grant were in a local bar in Wisconsin, watching the big Monday night game. After what can only be presumed to be one too many drinks, the couple took their sports rivalry into the world of the wager. They agreed to a bet that stated whoever’s team lost the game that night would become the willing recipient of electric shock by taser. The Bears won, so the couple and their friends headed into an alley near the bar so that loving husband John could shock his wife. Despite laughing during the first shock, Nicole was soon on the ground writhing as 50,000 volts circulated through her body. Once wasn’t enough for John either apparently, as he decided to shock Nicole twice more before she called the police. John was then arrested for carrying an unlicensed taser.

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2. Punch on the face

Punch on the face

Being a man is manpower?  US rapper John ‘Fatboy’ Powell was at a party in 2010 when  he bet $5 that he could take a punch in the face from any girl at the party. Tiffany Startz, 22, stepped up to take her shot. After planting one right in Fatboy’s face, she said Powell congratulated her on a nice job. He then collapsed and was rushed to hospital, where he died from a brain injury as a result of blunt force trauma and a burst artery in his neck. Startz was sent to trial for homicide, but later acquitted of all charges. All that for $5 no one even got to collect.

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3. Costly Non Veg Bet

Non Veg Bet

Poker player Howard Lederer, aka ‘The Professor’, is known for being a vegetarian. Fellow poker player David Grey thought he could make a quick buck off this fact and bet him $10,000 he wouldn’t eat a 100% beef hamburger. But not only did Lederer happily chomp his way through the burger and collect his $10,000, he then counter bet Grey, who hates olives, double or nothing if he ate some of the aforementioned salty snacks. Grey refused and Lederer took home a cool $20,000 for eating lunch (which presumably was paid for by Grey too).

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4. End of the world- Crazy bet by British

End of the day bet

This is the most craziest bet by Londoner Matthew Dumbrell who lived up to his name by placing a 1,000,000 to 1 bet that the world would end before the end of the year 2,000. He apparently missed the rather glaringly large problem that even if he was right there would be no way to collect his winnings, given the fact that the world and everything in it, including him, his money and the bookmaker that took his odds, would no longer exist.

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5. Bets to grow Boobs

Bets on Boobs

Now this one is quite hilarious.  In 1996, Canadian magician and gambler Brian Zembic agreed to a $100,000 bet, but it wasn’t over a game of poker. Instead, a fellow player offered the sum if he agreed to get women’s breast implants for a year. Zembic agreed and took home his money. He decided, however, that he actually liked his new additions and has kept them for 20 years until he asked E!’s Botched doctors Dubrow and Nassif to remove them. Even more bizarrely, he found a gambling doctor and beat him at a game of backgammon to pay for the cost of the operation.

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