The dance clubs in Vegas that make your heart beat faster

If you wanna join a night club or dance club in Vegas for a fun-filled entertainment with your friends and family then no wait for it. As the dance clubs in Vegas that make your heart beat faster and is waiting for you. With pounding, beats and taping rhythms here find the best dance clubs in Vegas for 2020

Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub

Situated atop the Cromwell Hotel, Drai’s Nightclub features a wide range of live performances, including Yo Gotti, 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne, as well as popular EDM DJs like DJ Esco, DJ Franzen, and DJ Pauly D.

Drai’s Nightclub is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10:30pm until 4am. But if you and your crew are still in party-hardy mode, you can take the elevator down to Drai’s After Hours, where you can keep it alive into the late morning hours (Drai’s After Hours is usually open from 1am until 10am).

Tickets vary in price depending on the acts featured, but they typically run between $20 and $60. You can learn more about Drai’s (and even purchase tickets) with a visit to their website.


The brainchild of London’s Hakkasan restaurant’s parent company, Hakkasan Group, Hakkasan Nightclub is just one of the Group’s Las Vegas nightclubs  Hakkasan is a sort of mega-club, filling multiple floors of the MGM Grand with a restaurant as its base, then a private restaurant, then Ling Ling (the nightclub level), followed by the “main room and pavilion” (which serves as either an adjunct to the nightclub or as a host for private events).

Situated above the other four floors is, of course, a mezzanine where you can drink and carouse while watching the dancers below. Chances are, if you wander about the floors enough, you will find your perfect nightclub experience. If not, well, at least you’ll be able to describe “Chinoiserie” décor to your provincial friends.

Hakkasan is open from 10pm until 4am Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and they strongly recommend that — if you want to avoid long lines — you arrive prior to 10pm. General admission is in the $30-$50 range, but of course, higher prices can be expected for special events. You can check out the entertainment as well as the amenities offered on each floor of Hakkasan by checking out their website.

JEWEL Nightclub

Another offering from the Hakkasan Group, JEWEL at the Aria offers rap artists like Tyga along with top DJs like Dylan Ragland. JEWEL is two floors (24,000 sq. ft) of techno-décor, with acres of flashing LEDs throbbing to the beat. Also above the dance floor, the mezzanine features five different “themed” VIP suites with custom amenities.

JEWEL Nightclub at Aria is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays from 10:30pm until closing time, which is usually 4am. Ticket prices vary according to the event but are generally in the $20 to $50 range. You can learn more about JEWEL — and even take a 360-degree tour — by simply visiting JEWEL’s webpage.


LIGHT at Mandalay is open Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, opening at 10:30pm and closing (usually) around 4am. Tickets price range is $20 to $30, with higher prices possible, depending on the performer. LIGHT’s website covers everything you need to know.

You’ll find top performers at LIGHT, including DJ Ikon, Kid Funk, E-Rock, and DJ Neva. They even have several artists in residence, such as Saweetie, Jeezy, E-40, and Rick Ro$$. Whether you fancy EDM, hip hop, and/or top 40s music, you’re going to find it at LIGHT.


Marquee is about 60,000 square feet of dancing entertainment brought to you by the same people who brought TAO to the Venetian have designed a club that attracts big-name DJs and performers like, well, like a world-class nightclub.

The club has huge windows through which you can see the lights of Las Vegas (worth the cover charge all by itself). Marquee is actually split into three areas: the main dance club, a mixed-format room called the Boom Box, and a VIP area they call The Library. Marquee regularly features house music from one of their resident DJs (Chuckie, R3hab, and Mustard among them).

Incidentally, during the day, Marquee moves poolside and becomes a dayclub with its own set of DJs who play music so good you’ll forget you’re getting one heck of a sunburn.

Marquee Nightclub  at the Cosmopolitan is open on Friday, Saturday, and Monday from 10:30pm to 5am. Ticket prices are usually in the $20-$30 range. You can check out their artist line-up as well as ticket options on Marquee’s site.

Omnia Nightclub

Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace is three levels of How-Cool-Is-That for your dancing and drinking pleasure. Also Omnia is home of “The Chandelier”featuring DJ talent such as Nghtmre, Fergie DJ, and Calvin Harris who’s actually been known to sing on occasion, Omnia keeps the night alive.

Omnia is closed Mondays and Wednesdays. All other days, the nightclub is open from 10:30pm until closing (which is usually around 4am).

Tickets are typically in the $20-$40 range, with VIP packages starting around $100, although tickets to see some performers can be a little pricier. You can learn everything you need to know about Omnia (and even purchase tickets for performances through the middle of next year) with a visit to their website.

TAO Nightclub

Tao Night club

TAO is a nightclub like Disneyland is an amusement park. Technically correct in both cases, but Tao is also an Asian bistro and a pool party in addition to its duties as a nightclub.

The bistro at TAO features everything from sushi and dim sum to entrees like “honey-glazed salmon with lotus root, green beans and baby sweet peppers.” Baby Sweet Peppers — great DJ name! I call dibs.

It’s quite likely TAO fields the largest team of DJs in all of Vegas. Popular names there include Chuckie, Crespo, DJ Five, DJ Ruckus, Eric DLux, Mustard, and Vice.

TAO  at the Venetian is open Thursday through Saturday from 10:30pm to 5am, and admission is typically in the $15 to $20 range. Check out their performance line-up and more with a quick glance at their website.

VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub & Lounge

VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub & Lounge

Located directly above the VooDoo Steakhouse at Rio VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub gives you the opportunity to sneer down at the tiny little ants 51 stories below as they scurry about their humdrum lives while you sip champagne or some more exotic drink served up by the nightclub’s “flair” bartenders — who just happen to be quite entertaining in their own right.

VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub is open from 8pm until at least 2am every day. Sunday through Thursday, admission is free, and it is also free Friday and Saturday from 8pm until 10pm, at which time you’re going to have to part with 20-30 bucks to get in. As a consolation of sorts, Fridays and Saturdays VooDoo doesn’t close until 3am. You can learn everything you’ll ever want to know about VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub with a visit to their site.

XS Nightclub

XS Nightclub

XS Nightclub at Encore is open Friday through Sunday, 10:30 pm to 4am. Admission prices are in the $20 to $30 range, with some variation according to event. XS Nightclub has some very specific instructions concerning their dress code check out all the details with a visit to the XS website

To note regular appearances from performers such as Kygo, Major Lazer, and Steve Angello is to merely touch on the depth and breadth of the XS musical line-up, which might also explain why XS is the Las Vegas dancing mecca.

Points to note when you visit these nightclubs

  • You might find yourself waiting for days to get into some of these nightclubs.
  • Admission prices are generally in the $20 to $30 range, but different clubs charge different prices for different events. Also Men will pay higher admission prices than women will.
  • Dress codes are also important at the city’s best nightclubs, but in most cases, they aren’t particularly demanding. Nice jeans or slacks for men (and a collared shirt) seems to be the basic requirement. Hats are usually discouraged. Naturally, women are permitted a little more latitude, but a nice dress with heels will almost certainly pass inspection. No flip-flops, though. For either sex.
  • Also prohibited across the board are large bags, backpacks, or parcels.
  • It is a very good idea to check the nightclub’s website for days and hours of operation. Some nightclubs are only open three days a week; others are open four days and most of the time, those are not consecutive days.
  • Many of the performers and DJs appear regularly at several of the nightclubs (particularly if the nightclubs are owned by a single parent company.

Now find your dance club at Vegas and go for some tap and rap.