Popular Two Shaman Aristocrat Pokies To Play Free in Australia

Shaman pokies

Shaman fascinated Aristocrat so much that they developed two shaman aristocrat pokies to play.            

These pokies are not free to play and you need to spend some dollars to play it in real time. Shaman is a practice and a faith that lures many across the world.

Shamans are notable religious or spiritual figures present in many traditional indigenous faiths. They function as healers, prophets, diviners and custodians of religious lore. They are also often the coordinators of religious and cultural ceremonies. Shamans were associated with powers generally thought to be beneficial to the community, but were believed in some cases to use their powers for sorcery.

 The traditional shamans of the North East Australian rain forest where aboriginals have been living for thousands of years are using touch and talk for healing. They enter a state of trance that allows them to see the blocked and disturbed body-energy (information) and they are able to manipulate the blockages and free the body and mind from the energetic causes of diseases.

The existence of remaining healer-shaman in the ancient line of the rainforest aboriginal medicine men calls for thorough scientific exploration and documentation of the way different people and diseases are treated, and for documenting of the affectivity of the shamanistic treatment. We encourage the Australian authorities to fund research in aboriginal shamanistic healing, as this might be a way to support the Australian indigenous cultures, and preserve inherited tradition and wisdom of the tribes which are very close to getting lost forever.

Two Shaman Aristocrat Pokies To Play

Following are the two shaman Aristocrat pokies to play.

1. Shaman’s Dream Pokies

Shaman's Dream slots
Shaman’s Dream pokies

Here in this slot game you will find the fascinating universe of the Native Americans and discover their oldest and most sacred traditions in the game. Shaman’s Dream video pokies game designed by Aristocrat and inspired by the shamans, the guardians of ancient wisdom and magic in the most ancient societies of North America. Long before the Europeans set foot on the continent, the local peoples had established a rich and unique civilization, imbued with mystery and wisdom. In this game, you will get a unique chance to catch a glimpse of it, and perhaps win big cash rewards along the way

About the Game

Shaman’s Dream takes players on a journey of discovery, back in time where the shamans were the guardians of wisdom and magic.

The background of the game is a beautiful starry night sky, with a vast and open landscape softly lit by the moonlight. The graphics of the game are really top-notch and help player immerse themselves within their new surroundings immediately.

Shaman’s Dream starts off on a positive note, with a truly original graphic universe. Shaman’s Dream puts players in charge and leaves them many opportunities to customize their game, while being intuitive enough to allow even beginners to get an easy start on the reels.

5 Reels 243 Ways

The game matrix contains 5 reels, covered in various symbols, and no specific paylines at all. Instead, players can score winning combinations anywhere on the screen, which leaves them with no less than 243 ways to win at every turn. Your rewards depend on both the symbols that line up and the size of your wager. You can increase the value of your future payouts by betting a little extra on the reels, or you could also click the bet max shortcut and go all-in on your next spin. Alternatively, the autospin mode will allow you to place the same bet on several spins in a row with a single click of your mouse.

Paytable and what you win

The paytable of Shaman’s Dream consists of two different groups of reel symbols, which you can easily identify thanks to their very different designs.

The first group is a classic feature in modern slot games, as it consists of a collection of card-inspired symbols. Starting with the numbers 9 and 10, followed by the jack, Queen, King and Ace, these symbols are the most common of the game. That being said, your rewards will be limited to 200 times the value of your wager here.

The flower, drum, horn and mask symbols make up the rest of the paytable. With rewards going up to x1000, you might want to keep your eyes open for these symbols and try as much as you can to line them up on the screen.

Bonus Features

Shaman’s Dream also features bonus symbols that can help you shorten the path to the jackpot considerably.

The shaman symbol is the first one of them. It acts as a wild card, able to instantly replace any other basic symbols to help you score some more winning combinations on the reels. The shaman can appear on any reel, at any time during the game.

The star symbol is a scatter symbol, which implies that you do not have to line them up to trigger a reward. 3 or more scatters initiate a bonus round of 10 free spins, during which all wilds from reels 2 to 5 are stacked and can cover the entire reel at once.

Shaman’s Dream has all the ingredients needed to become a successful slot game, with an original game universe and generous bonuses to enjoy and which can occur at any time during the game.

The best strategy to win big in the game is probably to look out for the stars. These scatters are not so uncommon, and collecting as many as you can is the only way you have to win some free spins – which are obviously the most straightforward way to land big wins without having to put anything on the table in the first place.

2. Shaman’s Magic Pokies

Shaman's Magic slots
Shaman’s Magic pokies

Shaman’s Magic pokies is another Shaman Aristocrat pokies. Shaman’s Magic has 5 reels with 243 ways to win, meaning that punters will be able to find plenty of prizes as they spin the game.

This pokies machine doesn’t present anything particular mind blowing, with some relatively straightforward free spins with extra wilds in the bonus round. Also, the game is far from being at the cutting edge of slot machine design with some very rudimentary visual graphics.

About the game

It has to be said that the reels of this slot machine aren’t exactly up to the same standard as contemporary slot games. That is because the imagery is presented in quite basic 2D format, almost taking on a cartoon-like appearance. Nonetheless, spinners will find a series of intriguing objects spinning upon the reels, such as dream-inducing herbs, tribal instruments, a decorative horn and a golden mask icon. The game also features a symbol depicting the female shaman character herself, standing with prowess and mystery in front of a midnight moon.

243 ways to win

This slot machine may not be the most visually stunning game in the world, but it still has the potential to take players into higher states of consciousness. Well, if not higher states of consciousness, then at least higher states of wealth. That is because the game has 243 different ways to win, meaning that a winning formation can be created whenever a series of matching icons appear on adjacent reels from the first reel on the reel going to the right.

When it comes to placing the bets, players should note that the reels have a notional bet of 25 coins attached to it. That means that the chosen total bet will be a combined sum of the chosen bet multiplied by 25x. This effectively accounts for the fact that there are no actual paylines. Therefore, when a winning combination is hit, the multipliers will be applied the value of the total bet divided by 25.

Game Features

Shaman’s Magic wouldn’t be much of a magical themed slot machine if it didn’t offer any special symbols to give the spins a bit of a bonus boost. Luckily, this game features a wild icon – depicted by a total eclipse symbol – which will replace all of the icons in the paytable above to make winning patterns.

The game also boasts a scatter symbol which is represented by a glowing star icon. This symbol will pay wins that multiply the total bet by 2x, 10x and 250x whenever three, four or five appear on the reels, regardless of whether they appear on adjacent reels or not. What’s more, three or more scatters will activate the game’s bonus round of 10 free spins. There isn’t much more to say about these free games other than the fact that extra wild icons will be added to the second, third and fourth reels for extra winning opportunities.

This slot machine might be quite underwhelming to punters who are used to playing video pokies with a high quality contemporary design. Aristocrat pokies machine will provide you interesting bonus features, other than a simple round of free spins with extra wilds.

You can play this game online at casinos of your choice or with Aristocrat game apps for free.