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Gold Coast 2018- Tickets up for sale now

Gold Coast Commonwealth games

The countdown has begun for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. During 4 – 15 April 2018, the Gold Coast will turn up the fun to full throttle with amazing athletes doing what they do best in Australia’s favourite holiday destination Queensland. With beaches, world heritage listed rainforests and thrilling theme parks mixed in with your favourite sport at the Commonwealth Games, it will be ‘the’ place to be.

Ticket request begin from April 24th 2017 and you can place a request for tickets until 22nd May 2017. Note that no orders will be confirmed, or payments taken, until after the ticket request phase closes. When ordering tickets ensure that you have your ticket requests submitted and the payment details are correct. Also confirm your card expiry date isn’t before August 2017.

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games will showcase 18 sports and include the largest integrated para-sport program at a Commonwealth Games. Visit Ticket Downloads to know about price and other details.

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Ticktes

From July 2017 onwards any remaining tickets will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis

Free public transport will be available for ticketed spectators travelling to and from competition events on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane on the South East Queensland TransLink public transport network. In Cairns and Townsville, free travel will be available on TransLink and Qconnect bus services. As one of Australia’s premier holiday destinations and a city famous for its thriving tourism industry, the Gold Coast has an abundance of accommodation options to choose from.

Ticket requests



You can place a ticket request at any time during this phase, no preference will be given to the time of day or date a ticket request is placed. Just make your request here.

Ticket requests will be accumulated over a four-week period from midday on 24 April and close at 11:59pm on 22 May 2017 (AEST), and no orders will be confirmed or payments taken until after the Ticket Request phase closes.

During this phase a roll-down service will be offered whereby customers can indicate in advance whether to accept a lower price category in their selected session, if unsuccessful in their initial price category request.

Any sessions that have more ticket requests than there is availability will have tickets awarded via a fair and equal draw. The fair and equal draw is made by computer and processed randomly.

Placing a ticket request does not guarantee success, it does provide you with the best chance to secure tickets for the most in-demand sports and sessions.

You can pay by all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express). Note that you cannot process your payments by Cheque, PayPal or other payment methods.


Meet Cepheus- The Virtual Poker Playing Computer

Poker Computer

Cepheus is the first poker playing program that “essentially weakly solved” the game of heads-up limit Texas hold ’em. This was the first imperfect information game played competitively by humans to be essentially solved. It was developed by the Computer Poker Research Group (CPRG) at the University of Alberta and was introduced in January 2015 in a paper entitled “Heads-up limit hold’em poker is solved”, published in Science by Michael Bowling, Neil Burch, Michael Johanson, and Oskari Tammelin.

Researchers at the University of Alberta call this futuristic gambler Cepheus after a king from Greek mythology, and it is to poker what Deep Blue was to the game of chess. Also if you had designs on becoming the best poker player in the world, the computer’s designers have news for you: you’re destined for second place. The program was trained by playing billions of hands against itself, learning through trial-and-error the optimal strategy for one-on-one play. And while Cepheus’s programmers stop short of calling its strategy a perfect one, they say that it would never lose money against a human player over the long run.

What makes Cepheus special?

Cepheus poker

After all, computers have figured out how to solve games like checkers in the past. Well, say the scientists, games like checkers and Connect Four are different in that both players are privy to all of the information. Poker is unique in that a player must make their moves with a limited knowledge of what has happened up to that point. Assuming that every hand does not go to showdown, players must wonder when, why, and to what extent their opponents are bluffing. That aspect of the game is what draws players back to the felt, and it’s what makes this computer’s achievements so extraordinary.

What can you learn from Cepheus?

Cepheus Strategy

Humans may be outmatched by Cepheus, but the program may prove useful to new players of the game. By looking at the decisions the computer makes – most of them the correct ones for any given situation – players can see if their own games need refinement. Already, the computer proves that the player in the dealer position has a tremendous advantage in a heads up situation. It also proves that raising is preferable to calling in most situations, since it offers a way to immediately win the hand.

What’s most remarkable about the computer’s strategy is that it isn’t afraid to play loose. Cepheus will wade into competition with any number of dreadful hands, confident that it can use strategy to push the other player off a better set of cards. In this way, it is similar to many of the world’s top poker professionals like Ivey and Gus Hanson.

Cepheus’ strategy is very close to a Nash equilibrium strategy for heads-up limit Texas hold’em, as an optimal counter-strategy to Cepheus can only win 0.000986 big blinds per game on expectation (to go from “essentially” solving the game to just “solving” the game one has to reduce this expected loss to precisely 0 big blinds per game). However, 0.000986 big blinds per game on expectation means that even if someone played against Cepheus for a lifetime, this person will not be able to say, with statistical significance, that s/he has won.

Though Cepheus is garnering headlines for its poker-playing abilities, the researchers insist that training a computer to become a master gambler is little more than a side effect. They look at the imperfect-information game of poker as a symbol for more pressing real-world situations. One of the creators says that Cepheus’s strategy could be applied to fight terrorism, improve negotiations, and even treat disease.

If you are interested to play with Cepheus you need to sign up here. But if you think playing at casinos is far more fun and competitive then that is also a perfect choice.


The beautiful Casino architecture- Does it lure you to visit the casino

Casino Architecture lure you to gambling

                                                                     Bellagio Las Vegas Casino

When you first look at the casino building in Las Vegas or even in your country you simply say its just awesome. You feel the urge to enter inside and look at things more closely with your eyes. Once inside you observe the glamour, hustle and bustle and the grand design of gaming tables and pokie machines that you at once are lured to play few of the games.

But do you know the beautiful casino architecture is build behind a psychology and that is to lure you more to gamble and play. You must have heard that there are no clocks or windows in casinos so that punters won’t realize how long they’ve been losing money. According to research, it turns out that the most successful casino design may not be the dark, maze-like designs you think they are.

It’s no shock that a business built on getting many people to ignore the odds and spend lots of money would be invested in making sure that every thing in the casinos work towards that goal.

What do the Casino look for in their architectural design?

Old Casino

                                                 Old Casino- Image source:

So what do you think casinos mostly wanted in their design. They wanted it designed with as few windows as possible, creating a cave-like environment where night and day cannot be distinguished. It’s a simple and effective tactic designed to keep players from realizing how late it’s getting. Combine that with a conspicuous absence of clocks, and you take away all measures of time. Might as well keep putting money in the pokies.

Also casinos use Impulse Control factor like you find at the grocery store, waiting to get checked out, when you suddenly find yourself adding a Snickers bar to your purchases. Grocery stores put these “impulse” items there for a reason, and casinos use a similar form of psychology to attract your money. Rather than making snacks and bathrooms easily accessible, they put them in the least likely locations, forcing customers to walk past dozens of attractive games to get there. It’s like the midway at your local fair, except the games are usually much more fun.

They include Labyrinthine Design so that it can take multiple trips to a single casino to learn your way around the place. So confusing is the average casino’s layout that there are probably people from the 90s still absently wandering their halls today. This is, of course, fully intentional. The more twists and turns they introduce into the design, the more distracted the players will get. Oh, who knew the roulette wheel was way over here,

Bill Friedman and the Gaming Design

Bellagio Casino

                                       An aerial night view of the Bellagio and Las Vegas


The biggest proponent of casino design that we think of as being “classic” comes from former gambling addict Bill Friedman, who became a professor teaching about casino management at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a casino executive, and a casino consultant. In order to revamp the hotels that he had taken over, he studied over eighty Nevada casinos, trying to determine what they had that brought people to them. The games themselves are the same, so it had to be the package that was different. As he writes in Stripping Las Vegas: A Contextual Review of Casino Resort Architecture, “The only relevant consideration for casino design are these: What percentage of visitors gamble? What percentage return to gamble? Nothing else matters.”

Isleta Casino

            “Structures within structures” at the Isleta Casino & Resort, in Albuquerque.


Friedman’s conclusions became a 630-page book called Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition. Friedman includes the analysis of the design elements common to successful casinos, tracking casino design throughout the whole history of legal gaming in Nevada, finishing in the 1990s. Friedman’s conclusions are based on his observations, evaluating successful elements as the ones in casinos making the most money and attracting gamblers from outside of their own guests. In his analysis, casinos were evaluated on total casino win, pokies win, number of pokies, pokies occupancy rate, and player count. He also evaluated pokies-to-room ratio, figuring that having more pokies than room in the hotel was evidence that punters were coming from competitors to their casinos. In a similar vein, he also looked at the ratio of players-to-room, more players than space in the hotel also measures

No aspect of design is left out of Friedman’s analysis, and his thirteen principles line-up to certain stereotypes that you have about casinos. As some examples:

  • Principle 2: Gambling Equipment Immediately Inside Casino Entrances Beats Vacant Entrance Landings and Empty Lobbies
  • Principle 4: The Maze Layout Beats Long, Wide, Straight Passageways and Aisles
  • Principle 8: Low Ceilings Beat High Ceilings
  • Principle 9: Gambling Equipment As the Décor Beats Impressive and Memorable Decorations
  • Principle 11: Pathways Emphasizing the Gambling Equipment Beat the Yellow Brick Road

If you’ve been to hotel where the casino was right there as you entered, the ceilings low, with little decor outside of the tables and machines, and with a layout that somehow always led you back to the casino, then you’ve seen the “gaming design” in action.

New architect or the playground design of the casinos

New layout design

                 Playground new design of the casinos- Image source:


The history of casino design and architecture is a fascinating one. In the past, casinos were dark, smoky areas that were characterised by artificial light, neon flashes and an absence of windows. But, the casino industry has long moved on since then. In recent times, architects like Roger Thomas are slowly changing old designs with more modern features to attract a ‘new age’ audience.

Nowadays, architects balance the requirement for a space large enough to house a new vast array of gambling and entertainment facilities with the need not to overwhelm the visitor.

Many casinos developed in the last decade have eschewed, for instance, the suggestion that windows are bad for business. Instead of aiming for a frenetic, enclosed experience, these designers are trying to make their casinos feel more like a luxury resort.

The new wave of casino architecture embraces natural lighting, colors like soft greens and whites, and high ceilings that make guests feel more at ease. You will wonder why the sudden change in the new architecture of casinos. Well some experts insist that it’s because women make up a much larger portion of the gambling demographic than they did forty years ago. Also the high-octane, gaming-cave atmosphere casinos have always embraced was turning women off. The new casinos – exemplified by Steve Wynn’s Bellagio – have proven to be a roaring success, recasting much of what it was believed about gambling psychology.

Perfume or scent in the Casino attracts punters

Wheel of Fortune

                                                     Wheel of Fortune in the Venetian Casino


Another element that is used to get people to gamble more is scent. In a 2006 study, two smells that had been previously determined to be “pleasant” were released in different pokies machine areas, with an un-odored area as a control. The first smell increased returns by around 45%, whereas the control and the second smell had no appreciable difference from other weekends. The paper hypothesized that the smell could have caused people to slow down or stop in the area, making them more likely to gamble. As to why one worked and one didn’t:

One possible mechanism of action of the effective odorant, is the phenomena called olfactory-evoked recall, in which, as mentioned, memories are stimulated as are their accompanying nostalgic exaltation of mood. Of almost 1000 subjects queried recently, 86% said that an odor could induce in them a vivid memory of the past. It seems possible that Odorant No. 1 induced nostalgic recall and the associated emotions were affectively congruent with, and enhanced, the gambling mood.

The paper also compares the scent to the lights, sounds, and other things in the casino. If that is true, it could fall into the same category as the small design elements manipulated in the other study.

But let’s face it, past or present, casino construction uses a certain amount of psychology to lure players in, but also to keep them there once they’ve walked in the door. So essentially, beautiful casino design is an intricate process that involves optimising floor plan, décor and atmospherics to encourage you to play games and spend money.


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival at Crown Melbourne

Melbourne food and wine fest

At Crown casino you can enjoy Food and Wine Festival from 31st March to 9th April 2017. Here is what all  you can enjoy:

1. Taste of the deep south

Taste of Deep South

On 5th and 6th April 2017 between 6 Pm – 9 PM

  • $85 per person three courses with Champagne on 5th April
  • $85 per person three courses with Craft Beer on 6th April

Acclaimed U.S. chef Ari Kolender returns to The Merrywell with two events offering a new take on his famous fried chicken. Over two nights, Ari pairs his iconic South Carolina home cookin’ and famous fried chicken with champagne on 5 April, and craft beer on 6 April.
These two special events will showcase the richness of southern dishes, so get ready to discover a new taste sensation that’s sure to make the poultry pop.
To make a booking call +61 3 9292 5777


2. Restaurant express lunch

Restaurant Express

Savour the tempting flavours of  restaurant express lunch offerings at Nobu, Bistro Guillaume, Silks or Long Chim.31 March and 3 – 7 April 2017 between 12 pm – 2.30 pm $40 per person for two courses including matching beverage.

Indulge in the tempting flavours of innovative Japanese fusion at Nobu as Head Chef Sean Tan and his talented team prepare an irresistible twist on traditional flavours in stylish surrounds. At Silks, the culinary team invite you to savour authentic Cantonese fare, or indulge in the inspiring French fare by Guillaume Brahimi at Bistro Guillaume. David Thompson’s Long Chim offers tantalising Thai, all part of restaurant express lunch offerings.  To make a booking call +61 3 9292 5777

3. Going the whole hog

Going the whole hog

Featuring unique smokehouse flavours, Crown invites you to experience smoked meats like no other at San Antone by Bludso’s BBQ on 2 & 9 April 2017 between 12pm – 4pm $60 per person including 2 selected drinks. Sample the unique American barbecue with third-generation pit master Kevin Bludso – bringing the taste of Texas to Melbourne. Kevin will be on hand to share his smoking secrets and show dedicated smokers how to replicate his Texan flavours. Savour barbecue favourites, including meats smoked for 14+ hours and delicious sides such as mac and cheese, coleslaw and corn bread. To make a booking call +61 3 9292 5777


4. High tea in the sky

High Tea in the sky

Indulge in the ultimate high tea in the sky at Level 28 Skybar with high tea favourites, modern delights and bubbles on 2 & 9 April 2017 from 1.30pm – 4.30pm

  • $70 per person including a glass of sparkling wine
  • $90 per person including a glass of Moet & Chandon NV champagne
  • $150 per person including flowing Moet & Chandon NV champagne

Enjoy traditional favourites, including scones, éclairs and tartlets, and the modern delights of coconut panna cotta, finger sandwiches, and hot and cold savouries, finished with a flute of bubbles or flowing Moet & Chandon champagne.


5. The Thai experience

Thai Experience

Join this special Melbourne Food & Wine Festival event at the new Long Chim Melbourne, where celebrated chef David Thompson will showcase his signature Thai cuisine on 3 April 2017 between 6.30pm – 11pm $250 or $300 per person including David Thompson’s cookbook ‘Thai Street Food’

Inspired by the street food and markets of Bangkok Considered one of the world’s greatest chefs, David Thompson is widely recognised as an authority on Thai cuisine and culture. Now, he brings his globally recognised and award-winning menu to Melbourne.

Long Chim means to “come, try and taste”, and with this invitation, Thompson will showcase his casual Thai cuisine representative of his signature style and generous flavour. To make a booking call +61 3 9292 5777

6. The Sake experience

The Sake Experience

Experience innovative Japanese fusion at Nobu as you join head chef Sean Tan for a divine eight course menu, including matching sake on 5th  April 2017 between 6.30pm – 11pm, $250 or $300 per person including your choice of Nobu cookbook. Have a memorable sake-inspired menu, showcasing the best of  signature modern cuisine, paired with unique, matching sake in this divine eight course menu. To make a booking call +61 3 9292 5777


Casino Royale Yacht- What makes it so special about it

Casino Royale Yacht is the iconic vessel propelled by sail or power and is used for cruising or racing.  But what makes it so special about it.

This Yacht was used in Casino Royale movie the 21st film of 2006 of the Eon Productions James Bond film series and the first to star Daniel Craig as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. Directed by Martin Campbell and written by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade and Paul Haggis, the film marks the third screen adaptation of Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel of the same name. The story of the film revolves around Bond’s career as Agent 007, just as he is earning his licence to kill. After preventing a terrorist attack at Miami International Airport, Bond falls in love with Vesper Lynd, the treasury employee assigned to provide the money he needs to bankrupt a terrorist financier, Le Chiffre, by beating him in a high-stakes poker game.

Casino Royale Yacht

Casino Royale Yacht- Sailing



Casino Royale is also known as Soufrière named after a Caribbean volcano. The Soufrière Hills volcano is an active, complex strato volcano with many lava domes forming its summit, on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. After a long period of dormancy, the Soufrière Hills volcano became active in 1995, and has continued to erupt ever since. Its eruptions have rendered more than half of Montserrat uninhabitable, destroying the capital city, Plymouth, and causing widespread evacuations: about two thirds of the population have left the island.

The volcano is named for the French word soufrière, meaning “sulphur outlet”. This volcano last erupted in year 2010 over sections of several nearby islands including Guadeloupe and Antigua.

Casino Royale also better known as 007 Spirit Yacht was the first in 300 years to sail the Grand Canal in Venice  and took Daniel Craig and Eva Green the movie characters on a romantic odyssey and became a boat worthy of the famous super-spy. This is classic, British yacht oozing style of elegance. which 54 foot  long yacht.

Casino Royal is now up for sale again. As soon as her big-screen days were over, the sophisticated yacht was sold to an Irish procurer who occupied the former Bond co-star by cruising and participating in competitive racing.

A decade later, Soufrière returned to Spirit Yachts to complete a refit. Made with mahogany and teak, she was given a fresh coat of paint on her ice-blue-coloured hull and all external varnish was stripped and re-varnished where necessary. Interior woodwork has been re-varnished, plus all equipment, from the engine to the rigging, has been inspected and serviced.

Soufrière sleeps up to six guests in two double cabins with en-suite bathrooms and is powered by a 54hp Yanmar diesel engine.

Following the build in Suffolk, Spirit was shipped to the Bahamas before the Spirit team sailed her to Puerto Rico and through the British Virgin Islands to Tortola Harbour, before she was shipped to Croatia and then sailed to Venice. Dressed with a mahogany topside and a teak deck, the bespoke beauty is at home both racing recently winning the ladies’ Round the Isle portion of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge regatta or casually cruising in a style author Ian Fleming would approve. The belowdecks houses a galley and saloon along with a double owner’s cabin toward the bow and another double cabin aft, both en suite, that fit comfortably within the 11-foot beam.

But unlike Bond’s short-lived and ill-fated romance with Vesper, Soufrière is available for a lasting relationship at a price that could exceed $925,250.


The Three Biggest Casino Resorts to House in Australia

Aussies will no longer have to travel to Macau to visit the largest gambling venue in the world as in its own land it will be housing three biggest casino resorts. All the plans and designs being prepared these land based casinos will be up there for you in few years. This will not only attract more tourists to Australia but also will put the country in the world casino map.  Highlighting Queensland and Brisbane the entire casino life here will have a new look and features to appeal as well as will offer wide range of entertainment with new pokies games to enjoy.

So here are three casinos to take initial glimpse

1. Queen’s Wharf – Brisbane

Queens Wharf Casino

Queens Wharf Casino Brisbane


The resort will open in 2022 featuring five new classic hotels. You can look forward to staying at one of the luxurious 1000 hotel rooms or 2000 apartments. Also there will be 1500 pokies machines to enjoy. The Queens Wharf will have a rather iconic arch shape and water features surrounded by stylish towers. The Destination Brisbane Consortium—The Star Entertainment Group (formerly Echo Entertainment Group), Far East Consortium (Australia) and Chow Tai Fook Enterprises is now the contractor responsible for delivering the world-class tourism, leisure and entertainment precinct in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.
The re-vitalized precinct will provide improved facilities for everyday use and public events, showcasing Brisbane to locals, interstate and international visitors. Preliminary site investigation works commenced in 2016 with demolition and construction work anticipated to commence in January 2017. The development cost is estimated to be $3 Billion and is set to create more than 8000 jobs.


Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will be a unique and vibrant new world city development that attracts visitors and investment, reconnects the activity of the Brisbane city centre to the river, preserves and celebrates Brisbane’s heritage, and delivers high quality public spaces.

2. Barangaroo Casino- Sydney

Barangaroo Casino

Barangaroo Casino in Sydney


Crown Sydney is a six-star casino and hotel resort that is currently under construction in Barangaroo, Sydney, Australia. When it opens in 2020, it will be the second legal casino in Sydney the other being The Star. However, unlike The Star, Crown Sydney’s casino will only operate with VIP membership restrictions. With 75 floors including mezzanines and a height of 271.3 m (890 ft), it will become the city’s tallest habitable building, surpassing Chifley Tower. Certainly this will make it a fierce competitor with casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore.


The Barangaroo will also have innovative luxury hotels, world class office space and retail outlets where visitors can enjoy cafes, restaurants and bars.

3. Gold Coast Casino Resort

Gold Coast Casino

Gold Coast Casino Resort


The Gold Coast resort casino is set to be completed in 2018 and similar to Queen’s Wharf, Gold Coast will be the other Asian draw card. The resort will be built next to the luxury hotel Palazzo Versace and Sea World.


Gold Coast Casino Resort will feature facilities such as state-of-the-art gaming, cultural, leisure and entertainment facilities.  The $2billion integrated resort and casino will include world-class entertainment, unique leisure, cultural, residential and outdoor facilities. It will also feature a cruise ship terminal for you to have most of the fun.


Will the Titanic II have a Casino or Poker Room

Blue Star Line Titanic II

Blue Star Line Titanic II


The famous Titanic II will set to sail in 2018. Yes, these are the plans for the Australian Billionaire Clive Palmer. Clive Palmer is the billionaire owner of Blue Star Line, and since 2013 he’s been touting his company’s remarkable reboot: Titanic II, a full-sized larger, actually replica of the ill-fated Titanic, which so memorably sank in the North Atlantic in 1912.

With the extra added new “Safety deck” on the new Titanic II ship will also house a casino, shops, hospital and a four hundred seat theater. World’s leading third-party vessel management V.Ships leisure is appointed to contribute for the passengers entertainment.

Ships Specifications

The new ship will be 833 feet long, just three inches longer than the original and 4.2m (13.9ft) wider in order to increase stability. Titanic II ship external look will be of course a copy of her namesake but still it will be a 21-st century vessel with all the equipment and safety standards. Coal-fired boilers and steam engines will be replaced by diesel drivers.

New Titanic II ship will be powered by four Warstila 46F diesel generating sets, two 12 cylinder 12V46F engines each producing 14,400 KW and two eight cylinder producing 9,600 KW each. Three azimuth thrusters of the new Titanic 2 ship will do the propulsion and also the maneuvering as the replica rudder will only be a decoration.

Titanic 2 ship will have a two sectioned bridge. The forward section is designed to be an original RMS Titanic replica and the aft section a high technology bridge with all the available features in 2018.

A new extra “Safety deck” between original decks D and C is projected for 18  lifeboats and the safety chutes. It’s not yet decided whether there will be garage or cars on-deck storage on board. New Titanic 2 ship will have all the safety certificates, including of course SOLAS.

Clive first announced to create a replica of the Titanic which sank in the Atlantic Ocean in April 1912 and had earlier planned to begin carrying passengers in 2016. The ship will be mirrored after the original with exquisite First Class rooms and comfortable Third Class accommodations.  According to Palmer, the Titanic II “will be a real financial bonanza” and also plans to build Titanic III.

Rooms and Menu in Titanic II

Now with a launch date of 2018, James McDonald, the global marketing director of Palmer’s company Blue Star Line, says people are lining up “to be a part” of the project. The ship will be able to carry over 2,000 passengers and will be equipped with Turkish baths, swimming pools and exercise rooms.

Titanic II ship menus have already been elaborated by 68 chefs. Mr. Clive Palmer hosted galas in New York, London and Macau, offering the guests 11-course dinner and thus prompting what the menu on Titanic II would be.

So here are the meals to be enjoyed:

  • Course One: Oysters
  • Course Two: Consommé Olga
  • Course Three: Scottish Balik Salmon w Mousseline Sauce, Cucumber
  • Course Four: Sauté of Chicken Lyonnaise, Vegetable Marrow Farcie, Parmentier Potatoes
  • Course Five: Aberdeen Angus Filet Mignons Lili
  • Course Six: Eye of Lamb Loin, Mint Sauce & Green Peas, Boiled New Potatoes
  • Course Seven: Roast Duckling, Apple Sauce, Boiled Rice
  • Course Eight: Punch Romaine
  • Course Nine: Cold Asparagus Vinaigrette – Pate De Foie Gras
  • Course Ten: Waldorf Pudding, French Ice Cream, Peaches en Chartreuse Jelly, Chocolate & Vanilla Éclair
  • Course Eleven: English Stilton & Port Wine, Hors D’ Oeuvre Varies.

Also the new Titanic will, have modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation and radar systems and all those things you’d expect on a 21st-century ship. The Titanic II will not be making the same voyage as the original ship. Instead the first voyage will travel from Jiangsu, China, to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Voyage Packages

Just as the original Titanic, Titanic II ship will be a three class ship but passengers will be provided with the option to pick up different packages-one class voyage for all the six nights on board or two nights in each class. Surprisingly Third class is attracting attention globally, being one of the most searched. Fact that is most probably to be explained with James Cameron’s “Titanic” movie. Third class cabins will be complete offering Irish stew in the menu and Irish drums rhythm as a music font. Bathrooms will be shared. Edwardian spirit could be made even more dense with the Clive Palmer’s plans to provide a costume typical for the class of every ticket holder.

RMS Titanic lounges and public spaces will be recreated with regard to any smallest detail. Timber cladded walls, furniture, light fittings, crystal artwork chandeliers everything will be provided by the best suppliers around the world.

New lower deck located cabins will be modern cruiser’s cabins but all other cabins and absolutely all public premises starting form deck D upwards will be precise recreation of RMS Titanic.

This time Titanic II will be fireproof and constructed to withstand icebergs and any weather extreme. Most advanced high-tech navigation equipment and all safety standard features will be on-board in this 21-st century new Titanic ship.For all this amazing authentic recreation providing the opportunity to experience a real Edwardian splendor you will have to wait for a year or so. Dreaming to play pokies at Titanic II, Why not.


Meaalofa Te’o Might Equal New Zealand Rugby Star Jonah Lomu

Meaalofa Te’o  a 9-year-old  rugby player can be seen making waves online. Playing at a junior Rugby League in Canberra Australian capital city it was just amazing to see Te’o using his size and strength to devastating effect, swiftly hitting aside opponent after opponent as he plowed his way to the try line


He was playing at the Gala for the the Doveton Steelers under-9 team, which went on to win 20-10 in the final of the tournament. Looking at this amazing child one remembers the sight of great New Zealander Jonah Lomu surging ahead through defenders and powering through opponents on the way to the try line.


Jonah Lomu

All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu was one of Rugby’s first global stars.


He won 63 caps for the All Blacks and scored 37 tries between 1994-2002, after starting off in rugby league  as a kid. Jonah Lomu passed away in November 2015 as he suffered from a kidney disorder.

Despite everything he achieved in the game, it was Lomu’s humble nature that stood out for many. Same can be said for Meaalofa Te’o  as his father Karene Te’o calls him a humble boy. Teo who has become an internet sensation in Australia and the world seems to be a very good player with a soft heart. Now that is the spirit of playing something real.


Nigel Williams a Crown Perth poker gambler all emotional at winning $2.7 million progressive jackpot

Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams took the Crown Perth for $2.7 million in a single hand of Casino Hold’em Poker. He secured the life-changing ‘Progressive Poker Jackpot’ in September while playing one of the casino’s progressive poker games. As well as offering conventional Texas Hold’em to poker players, Crown Perth also offers casino poker games played against the house. The Progressive Poker Jackpot was running across several table games, including Crown Stud Poker and Crown Hold’em.

According to the casino’s website, the jackpot is now available on Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Crown Hold’em and Crown Stud had a $15 jackpot running at over $1.1 million. Other Progressive Poker Jackpots are offered for $5 and $10 gamblers. A Royal Flush, like Nigel’s, secures the entire prizepool. A “mere” straight flush bags the winner a 10 percent cut of the cash.

Nigel Williams  a father of two is of  Perth resident and was playing Progressive Poker for $10 when he found himself holding a 10 of diamonds in a casino Hold’em game. According to him, “The flop had already come A-Q-J, all diamonds, before the King of diamonds emerged on the next card. I didn’t say anything at first,” the 45-year-old gambler said. “My mind was going, ‘Hang on, am I dreaming? Have I got a diamond? Is it a heart?’” It was only when the pit boss confirmed the hand that Mr. Williams proceeded to scream the place down.

Mr. Williams originates from Zimbabwe, but now calls Perth home. A local businessman who is MD of a golf course management firm, Williams told local media that he plays at Crown Casino twice a week. He had only switched to Hold’em that night to take a break from roulette, his usual game of choice. Speaking to a Perth radio station after his win, Mr. Williams said, “They brought me 27 $100,000 chips and I took them to the cashier and they said, ‘Would you like cash or cheque, sir?’ I looked at them and said, ‘Geez, I should have brought a bigger bag.’”

When asked what he will do with the winning money Nigel started crying.”I just want to spend more time with my children,” he sobbed. I have the greatest job in Australia. “So what I will do is semi-retire. I’ll work five days instead of seven, and I’ll put the money in the bank.”

According to Crown Perth COO Lonnie Bossi, the win took Crown players’ table game winnings over the $9 million mark for 2016 alone. Crown Perth is one of the largest casinos in the James Packer empire. In keeping with Crown’s expansion plans Down Under, Crown Perth is due to get a massive hotel and casino upgrade to help attract new customers.


The Five Traditional Games that Need Intelligence and Skill to Win

Here are the five traditional and most popular games that are still enjoyed by players of all ages across the world. It is not necessary that you find these games at casinos but can be found online too as various gaming sites offer these games to play and win. What you need is a bit of analytical approach, skill and wise strategy with keen observance to win these games.

1. Game of Go

Game of Go

Go is the oldest board game probably originated from China or Far East. It is one of most complex games which needs intelligence and skill to master it. It is based on abstract strategy where two players attempt to occupy the most of the board “territory”. You can learn to play the game here. You can play this game both online and offline. When playing online you will come across a completely empty board and both players have an unlimited supply of “stones”, one with the blacks and others playing as the whites. The game’s objective is to construct territories with your stones by surrounding vacant areas on the board and robbing your opponent by surrounding theirs too. Blacks start first, and gameplay is turn based where players place one stone on a free space which is technically at the intersections of the lines called the stars.

Stones cannot be moved once placed, unless captured, in which case they are taken from the board and held hostage by opponents. Any stones occupying adjacent points make up what is referred to as a string. When the winning player has maxed out his captured land and cannot make any further moves, he hands his rival a symbolic stone before both teams pass on their next move and the game is over. The players then count the free land within their own territory giving a point for each vacancy which they add to their sum total of captured stones, and total them the game’s winner being the player with the highest score.

2. Game of Chess

Game of Chess

Chess is most popular traditional game played by players all over the world. This is also an old game generated from Asia. You can learn to play chess here. This game too  is a skill game played between two opponents sitting on opposite sides of the board containing 64 alternating black and white coloured spaces. Each player begins with 16 pieces which are made up of the following; 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights, and 8 pawns. Through careful forward planning, the game’s aim is to checkmate the opponent’s King piece, meaning that he is unable to move without capture.

White always makes the first move with their pawns, nothing more than foot soldiers, but can, for one time only, move forward two spaces instead of their usual one. Soldiers begin the game in the second row flanking the backline which lines up as follows; the rooks occupy the corners with the knights next to them. There are the bishops, before the queen, the most powerful, follows the King, which is most powerful.

Each of the pieces move differently, bishops for example move diagonally and only the knights can jump over a rival’s piece. The queen on the other hand can do what she wants. When you have your rival in check, collecting pieces of the other colour in the process, the game is won.You can enjoy this game both online and offline and have fun.

3. Game of Bridge

Game of Bridge

The game of bridge is a card game said to be born in Russia. The game itself is four player, technically in teams of two, who sit individually opposite from one another, over a standard 52 card deck. Every deal is made up of three stages; the auction, play and the scoring. In the auction stage, players bid in a clockwise rotation describing their hands. This is followed by the play in which the winning bidders from the previous stage attempt to claim the tricks needed to fill their contract as obligated at the auction before finally players reach the scoring stage.

A bid is made up of a number and a suit, the purpose of which is to communicate his hand strength to his partner. In order to fulfil their contract and win the game, a pair must win tricks which consist of four cards, one from each player’s hand, played in clockwise order. Should a pair fall short of their contract a penalty is awarded. You can learn to play the game of bridge here. Also this game can be enjoyed both online and offline.

4. Game of Diplomacy

Game of Diplomacy

Diplomacy board game was developed by Allan B. Calhamer in 1954.  Played on a map of 1914 war time Europe as well as parts of the Middle East and North Africa, the game differs from other war themed games as it’s dice less and one with far more negotiation skills than a simple game of conquest.

To win, players, in charge of the then super powers of Austro-Hungary, England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Turkey, must form, and then betray, strategical alliances with other players, of which there are between two and seven. The purpose of the game is to win and occupy the majority of the big strategically important cities. All players apart from Great Britain and Russia begin the game with two armies and one naval fleet. As the exceptions, GB starts with two fleets and one army while Russia starts with two of each.

Play is based on two of the annual seasons, spring and autumn, in which players negotiate relaying tactics and strategy with their allies by sharing intelligence and spreading disinformation about enemies. To move, players make orders for each of their units, which can see units move to an adjacent space or support a nearby ally in the event of an attack. Finally, gamers reach the end of year report, where players keep hold of that year’s triumphs which makes up their tally, score and land mass inspired wealth for the year. You can learn to play this game here and enjoy online as well as offline

5. Game of Hex

Game of Hex

Hex is also a game of intelligence, skill and strategy. This gamewas invented by the Danish mathematician Piet Hein in 1942, although it has been re-tweaked by others since then. Starting to play the  players are allocated a colour from Red, White, Blue and Black. Play is then turn based with players placing their coloured stones on a single cell on the playing board, with the aim of making a connected string of stones reaching from side of the board to the other.

The first player to achieve that goal wins the game. The first player to move has a distinct advantage, the pie rule is introduced meaning the second player reserves the right to choose to switch positions with his opponent. From there it’s a straight up tactical battle between the two, which can never end in a tie. Know how to play and more about the game here. Also you can play this game online as well as offline too.