Four breakfast foods that can boost your brain to win on a poker machine

What do you eat in breakfast when you think of visiting a casino in the day. Well your breakfast has something to do with your gambling and gaming. According to science any living brain be it of humans or animals need one tenth of a calorie per minute to stay alive. Elaborating this further if the human brain wants to accomplish some difficult task like concentrating, making a strategy or acquiring a skill it needs more energy. Thus it becomes vital to see which food in our breakfast boosts the brain to win on a poker machine.

As breakfast is the important meal of the day any players should select those foods to eat in the morning that energizes your brain throughout the day.

Many professional poker players therefore always eat healthy and balanced diet before sitting on the poker table for hours to win hands on the card games. Even when playing pokies a healthy snack will release the energy in positive manner and make you happy and calm when playing pokies.

Here are the four such breakfast foods that you should take before entering any casino to play games.

1. Eat Fish

Eat Fish

Fish is considered a complete food at the breakfast table. You  can eat Salmon, kippers or Mackerel that is your choice bur you should include fish in the menu Also other sea foods like sardines, pilchards and trouts also give you brain power to concentrate on game. Because these oily suckers are packed to the gills with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DPA), better known as omega-3 fatty acids. The body craves these and giving it what it wants can provide hugely beneficial boosts in memory, concentration, and mental performance. It can even improve your mood if you’re lucky.

Have Spinach


Spinach is well know green leafy vegetables which is a good source of irons and minerals. Studies have shown that this can help you to attain the memory skills. Spinach being a rich source of vitamin E and folate which, coincidentally, can also do wonders for your fertility. It can be cooked in seconds and the taste is just wonderful.

Baked Potato

Baked Potato

Potato is both good and bad. Fried potatoes are not good for brain. But baked and boiled potato can do wonders. You can even carry these while playing on the poker machine and can have in between your playing session. Studies have shown that, when compared with other foodstuffs, the potato is in a league of its own in pure appetite saturation terms. So, if you want to feel full for longer, do yourself a favour and get a nice big baked potato down you beforehand.



Due to the pioneering efforts of Jamie Gold, blueberries are now considered a ‘must-have’ fuel by serious players.  Gold who stormed through the 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event to take the title and a cool $12 million cash prize was rarely seen without his trusty bowl of blueberries at hand, referring to them as his ‘brain food’ to dismayed reporters and dubious journos. Turns out Gold was well ahead of the game as subsequent studies have shown eating blueberries can significantly improve your concentration and memory, in some cases for up to five hours.

Also a study carried out at Reading University in UK discovered people who drank a blueberry smoothie in the morning performed mental tasks much better in the mid-afternoon than those who consumed a different drink. Moreover, participants who didn’t drink a blueberry smoothie saw their performances decline by 15% or even 20%. Apparently, the antioxidants in blueberries stimulate blood and oxygen flow to the brain, thereby keeping the mind active for longer.

Finally remember whether  you can have these food on the breakfast table or not never go hungry to a casino. Even when playing online have some nutritious munchies on the table and see does your brain feel happy with this and gives you success in wins.