Six Smallest Casinos In The World To Visit For Entertainment

Six Smallest Casinos In The World To Visit

When you think of Casinos your mind fantasies a big palace like structure, with malls, shopping complex, large pools, big fountains and lawns, huge casino floors with neatly lined pokies machines and table games as well as VIP rooms. All these huge casinos are located in various parts of globe like in Macau, Las Vegas Nevada or big casinos of Crown Australia and various other countries.

But all casinos are not that huge with all such amenities. There are few small casinos in the world too. By small we mean real casinos that have fewer pokies machines, not much of amenities to explore and are build in not much wider space. Here are the six such smallest casinos in the world to visit and enjoy these outstanding places.

1. The Floating Casino in Macau

The Floating Casino in Macau

Location: Avenida de Amizade, Outer Harbour, Macau, China

Phone: 346 701

This casino also known as the Floating Casino is located in Macau harbour. Players can enjoy casino games and casual gambling while making a trip here on a holiday and explore the cruise ships and have gala time. The unique thing is that even if gambling is prohibited where you live, you can visit here and play few pokies machines of your choice.

This is one the smallest seaborne casinos in the word offers just eleven table games.The Palace seeks to recapture the spirit of the ‘old’ Macau, which has been immortalised in a James Bond movie just like the Casino Royale. However, there have been reports that the floating venue was towed away after the resurgence of American-style casinos back in 2007, and is yet to be seen again at its old dock.

2. The Wildfire Casinos in Las Vegas

Various locations

Wildfire casinos

The Wildfire casino chain is famous for their tiny venues, especially in comparison to neighbours such as the MGM Grand. Most of their casinos have an average dimension of 8,000 square feet, with the Lake Mead Lounge boasting a game area of only 3,500 square feet. The Wildfire venues are actually part of Station Casinos, a popular brand once owned by the well-known tycoon Frank Fertitta Jr.

3. The Saloon 10 in Deadwood

Saloon No 10

Location: 657 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732, USA

Phone: +1 800-952-9398

Saloon 10 is another smallest casino which is antique in itself.  The old-style saloon is allegedly built on the very spot where the American folk hero ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok was shot dead during a poker game. With the huge popularity of 2004 series Deadwood, the place has been a big hit with gamblers worldwide. Built on an area of 3000 square feet  offers real money poker and many other games. It gives you a fascinating look into Wild West gambling, with barmaids, saloon music and drunken brawls.

4. North Cadbury Court

North Cadbury Court

Location:  North Cadbury, Yeovil BA22 7DR, UK

Phone: +44 1963 441238

The North Cadbury Court is well known for underground casino because it has a single room with a capacity for just 30 people.  North Cadbury Court is actually a 400-year-old country estate turned into a hotel. The owners decided to convert the basement into a fully operational casino, but you can use the facility only if you have rented the entire estate. You would need a tightly-knit group of VIP friends to truly enjoy the experience.

5. Santa Ysabel Casino

Santa Yasbel

Location: San Diego County California

Santa Ysabel is a tiny venue in North County, San Diego. It was operated by the La Jolla Indian band and could fit in a mini-marketbecause that’s where it was actually situated! The entire ‘casino’ was put together in a 15×40 feet room, thus covering only 600 square feet.

The casino was upgraded in 2007 and offers 349 pokies machines. The Santa Ysabel managed to stay afloat for several years, but plans for building a tourist resort in the surrounding area never came to fruition and the former smallest casino had to close doors in 2014.

6. The Grosvenor Taxi Casino

Gorsvenor Casino

Location: London UK

This casino is  famous Grosvenor brand that decided that some players might enjoy a quick wager on the go and provided an exclusive taxi service – that includes a gaming table, a croupier, and a bar.

You can enjoy a game of blackjack while you are traveling, and if you are a betting fan you would be glad to know that different sport events can be broadcast live. So when you visit this casino in a cab don’t expect much space as backseat of the car is a bit cramped but you will certainly have fun playing the table game while you are driven on the streets of UK.

Any plans on visiting these smallest casinos? Give it a try!