Ocean’s Eleven- Did that happened in Las Vegas?

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Las Vegas and the casino has always been in limelight in some form or the other. Also called the land of sin it the location that attracts everyone. You might be quite interested in playing casino games in Las Vegas but for some it is not affordable. Thanks to online casinos you get a chance to play Las Vegas style pokies at home in your comfort zone with your tech devices be it a PC or mobile or tablet.

Some things apart from the casino games also happen in Las Vegas. That is what is unfolds in Ocean 11. Most of you must have watched this movie on your big screens but many of us are still interested to know what really the show it about.

You must have heard of many casino themed movies but Ocean 11 has been very popular and much in demand. May be that is the reason the original Ocean’s Eleven, a 1960’s movie starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr, that was remade in 2001 with George Clooney.

You must be wondering what this movie has to do with Las Vegas. It has much to do as the story revolves in robbing three great casinos of Las Vegas and telling us much about casino security.

How the plot was formed?

Danny Ocean is released from prison, the first thing he chooses to do is violate his parole by heading straight to California. There, he meets up with his buddy Rusty Ryan to propose what would ultimately become one of the greatest schemes in casino history. The pair head to Sin City where they meet up with a former casino property kingpin named Reuben Tishkoff, to whom they propose their master plan. The master plan involves robbing three casinos at the same time, including the Bellagio, The Mirage, and MGM Grand.

Will they succeed on their plan?

Reuben who already is familiar with casino security and he wants to take revenge from Terry who is his old rival. But who is Terry? The Bellagio, The Mirage, and MGM Grand are all owned by Terry Benedict

Does Casino Cashier is always having drawers full of money?

Under Nevada law, a casino must have enough money on hand to cover all bets made. So a casino can’t just have a couple million in a vault and hope that people won’t actually win big. Nor can they write IOU’s and pay money the next day. While they can issue checks, casinos must have a ridiculous amount of cash on hand.

Danny Ocean decides that the best night to rob the casinos is the night of a major boxing match. On that night, it’s estimated that there will be more than $150 million in the Bellagio vault alone.

Who is then Ocean 11?

In the movie Danny Ocean needs more money than just Rusty and Reuben. As it was a master plan to rob three casinos simultaneously Danny needs a team of expert criminals to tackle the job. Danny gets to work on recruiting eight guys he’s worked with in the past, all of whom are perfect for the crime. These include: Linus Caldwell, a pickpocket; Frank Catton, a casino employee and conman; Virgil and Turk Malloy, two mechanics who really know what they’re doing; Livingston Dell; an electronics and surveillance maven; Basher Tarr; an expert on explosives; Saul Bloom; an old-school conman; and The Amazing Yen, an acrobat.

But these made nine people in team including Danny. So who are the other two? Watch here! The whole idea of Ocean’s Eleven plan unfolded underneath people’s noses, yet no one really noticed it happening.

So did this really happened?

All this was in a movie right! But yes this can happen as casinos are always the target for robbery and theft. A crime similar to this one did occur at Bellagio but that did not involved 11 people. On December of 2010, a man rode up on a motorcycle to the front of the Bellagio doors, walked right in, headed to a Craps table, and pulled out a pistol, demanding chips. He then fled, wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet. The man was eventually caught trying to unload a bunch of $25k chips to an undercover police officer.

While the story is definitely an interesting one, perhaps even more interesting are some details that came out in court.

On Dec. 11, just a few days before the crime criminal told a Bellagio poker dealer that he would love to pocket some cranberries, a nickname given to the $25,000 chips due to their color.

“Man, how easy would it be to rob a casino?” Carleo said, according to court papers.

Do you know what the dealer said,“Dude, you watch ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ too much. This is real life and this doesn’t happen,”

Apparently, it does. Anthony Carleo the man behind this crime is serving a 9-year sentence for his crime. But this doesn’t ended up in Ocean’s Eleven. It really happens in Las Vegas.

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