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Space Invader game

The old classic retro video game if you remember was Space Invader. Released in 1978 Tomohiro Nishikado’s creation was an instant arcade hit that soon made it into player’s homes via the Atari. It was originally manufactured and sold by Taito in Japan, and was later licensed for production in the United States by the Midway division of Bally. Space Invaders is one of the earliest shooting games and features two-dimensional graphics where the aim is to defeat waves of aliens with a laser cannon and earn as many points as possible.

Space often conjures up ideas of faraway worlds and exotic aliens, both of which add an extra element of interest. Indeed, even though Space Invaders is extremely basic in terms of gameplay by today’s standards, players still enjoy it thanks to its outer space vibe.

Where to play this game?

Space Invader pokie

You can go on this space adventure now online with your mobile or PC and quickly discover that there are whole words of entertainment beyond the comics and movies available on earth. Moving forward towards the present day, you can also see examples of the sci-fi genre in the casino gaming world, everything from Star Trek and Transformers to unique pokie creations like Starburst have all taken something from the sci-fi genre. Whether it’s in-game characters, animations or themed features, sci-fi has basically been used to give slots another level of popular appeal.

Space Invader pokies from Ash Gaming is designed to look like an old-school arcade game machine, complete with the original buttons at the bottom and some very retro 8-bit graphics on the screen. The game matrix features 5 reels and just 10 fixed paylines in total. You goal is to try and find winning combinations of symbols onto these paylines in order to trigger cash prizes.

The most common symbols of the game are the classic 3 aliens, a blue, a green and a purple one. All combinations in Space Invaders consist of 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols on a payline, and all the aliens can award up to 20 times the value of your bet. The last 4 icons represent space canons, flying saucers, an army of giant aliens and a desolated planet. Being rarer in the game, you can expect rewards going up to 150 times your wager with these symbols.

Space Invaders is also rich in original bonus features that will remind veteran players of the original Space Invaders arcade game, while triggering some big wins as well. You will notice the moving canon at the bottom of the game screen. Every time it stops under reel 2 or reel 4, you can a chance that it will shoot down one of the symbols and turn it into a wild that can replace any other icon. Winning combinations triggered with a wild are worth twice as much as usual.

A red UFO can appear on top of reel 3 during the game. If the canon is aligned with it, it will shoot it down and trigger an immediate free re-spin, during which additional wilds will appear scattered across the screen.

Play Space Invader with Apps

Space Invader game apps

Also you can enjoy Space Invader all free with apps.  Download the game from app stores on your mobile and enjoy the game. Almost all the stores be it Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft or any other are offering this game all free.

Sci Fi games now in Virtual Reality

Also if you  accept the basic premise of sci-fi books and movies is to escape reality, then virtual reality is obviously the best gaming medium to achieve that goal. By slipping on a VR mask such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive players feel as though they’re stepping into a different part of the universe. This fact hasn’t been lost on the game designers of this world as there are plenty of sci-fi offerings making a splash in 2018. On a slightly superficial level, you’ve got rhythm games like Beat Saber. For something a little more technical, Star Child is your ticket to an alien world. Part adventure, part interactive role-playing game, Star Child sees you make friends with certain creatures and battle others.

Games have certainly provided another entertainment outlet for fans over the years and, as technology improves, this only looks set to continue. From basic arcade games through to today’s virtual reality experiences, it’s certainly worth boarding a ship bound for the edge of the universe where entertainment is what all you need.

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