What Are The Multihand Video Poker Games To Play Online?

What are the Multihand Video Poker Games to play online

Multihand video poker games are available to play at online casinos. These video poker games can be played even on mobile instantly without any download. Multihand video poker are powered by different gaming software. One of the best online casinos to play multihand video poker games from Australia is Superior Casino. Superior casino is powered by Rival as well as Betsoft games. Multihand video poker lets you play five hands in one game.

Why to play Multihand video poker games?

  • Multi-hand games are plentiful and easy to find.
  • Pay tables for multi-hand games tend to match those for single play games. They are not generally reduced like progressive or other special feature games.
  • There is no additional bet required to turn on a special feature in multihand video poker. You bet based on the total number of lines played.
  • One of the biggest advantages of multiple hand games is that the video poker strategy for playing them is exactly the same as when playing a single-play game. There is no need to memorize a separate playing strategy.
  • All you need is to find a multiple hand (multi-hand) game that matches the game type and pay table that you normally play and use the strategy you normally use as if you are playing a single-play game.

Note that the downside of Multihand video poker is that the variance is higher than for a single hand game. This means a larger bankroll is required for playing multi-hand games when playing the same total bet per hand(s). For example, a single-play quarter game requires $1.25 per hand at the maximum of five credits per hand. A five-play nickel game also requires $1.25 total per five lines of play at the maximum bet of five credits per hand.

How to play Multihand video poker games online?

Superior casino has multihand video poker games to play. First you need to type the casino URL for example Fair Go Casino on your iPad safari browser and you will get access to the online casino site. Now decide to play for free or with real money.

Play for free doesn’t require any real money deposits but when playing or betting in real you need to fund the online casino account.

Grab the welcome bonus and head to the video poker section of the casino

Now select the video poker game you wish to play.

To play any Multihand video poker games all you need is to do :

  • Select number of hands you want to play (you don’t have to play the maximum number of games to get the best return).
  • Select the bet per hands (always bet 5 so you don’t miss out on the royal flush bonus).
  • Hit the Deal / Draw button.
  • The base hand is dealt at the bottom of the screen.
  • All the cards in the other hands remain face down.
  • Select the card(s) you wish to hold (if any).
  • These same cards in the same position will show face up in all hands being played.
  • Hit the Deal / Draw button.
  • Each of the hands being played will be filled by a separate deck of shuffled cards.
  • Each winning hand at video poker will accrue credits as if it were a single hand game. If a royal flush is dealt in the base hand (and you select all five cards), each hand will collect the 4,000 credits.

Following are the Multihand Video Poker Games to play online.

1. Tens or Better

Tens or Better Multihand poker
Tens or Better Multihand poker

Tens or Better is video poker game variation from Rival at Superior casino. Similar to jacks or better, in Tens or Better all you need to win is a pair of ten or higher. In that aspect it is a bit easier to win. There are no wild cards in this game and an ace counts as ten or better.

Wagering is basic, cycle through the coin size options by clicking the arrows. Once you find the amount you want you can select how many coins you would like to play.

To bet the full 5 you can save yourself the time of clicking bet one and just hit bet max. Clicking bet max will start the game though, so no turning back once you’ve clicked it.

Five cards are dealt, choose the cards you would like to hold and then press draw again. If you win you will be given the option to collect your winnings or press your luck and try to double. If you lose your double bet all of your winnings will be taken away for that hand.

Tens or Better has a max pay out of 4000 coins, this is only reachable if betting the max coin amount. You can win this betting any size coin though. The best hand possible is a royal flush while the lowest winning hand you can get is a pair of tens or better.

2. Joker Poker

Joker Poker Multihand poker
Joker Poker Multihand poker

Joker Poker video poker game includes a joker as a wild card to take the place of any missing cards from a sequence that a player holds. Players aim to finish the game with a strong poker hand, so as to reach the highest payout that they can.

Four, ten, or twenty-five hands of five cards are played at the same time, with the first one being dealt face up. Choosing which cards to hold is simple, by just clicking on the cards that you wish to keep, the rest will be disguarded when you draw. Cards that are held will also appear in the same positions, in all of the remaining hands, thus maximizing your chances of matching a winning combination with them.

3. Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild Multihand poker
Deuces Wild Multihand poker

Deuces Wild is another video poker variation from Rival where all 2’s are wild. In Deuces Wild your normal pairs won’t play, three of a kind is the lowest hand possible. Two pair also doesn’t qualify as a winning hand.

There are two different royal flushes available, a wild royal flush and a natural royal flush. A wild royal flush only pays 125 when hit betting the max. A natural royal flush on the other hand pays 4000 coins! If you hit that betting $5 you could make $20,000! This is a really big pay out for a video poker machine.

The rules are very simple. After wagering you are dealt 5 cards face up, from here you decide which cards you want to keep. If you already have a qualifying hand it will auto pick them, if not you pick what you think may win. Then you draw and your new cards will pop up and you’ll see if you won or not.

If you win you have the chance to double this using the double button, if you lose it though all winnings will disappear, so there isn’t really a point.

4. Aces Faces

Aces and Faces Multihand poker
Aces and Faces Multihand poker

In this game of Aces and Faces video poker your aim is to complete games with strong poker hands. Payout varies per the combination of cards held, with payment beginning with a single pair of any face card, or ace. Higher paying combinations include two pair and three of a kind and on a winning hand you may choose to punt your winnings in the hope of doubling them, but knowing that you lose them if the gamble fails and the card that you choose is a lower number than the card that was randomly drawn

In this version of the game you can play 4, 10, or 25 hands at once. You have one hand of five cards dealt, and from that you choose which to hold. These same cards are then in every one of the multiple hands when you draw.

5. Deuces Joker

Deuces Joker
Deuces Joker

Deuces and Joker is a video poker game with one of the bigger top hand pay outs. Unlike most of the video poker machines, Deuces and Joker’s best hand is the four deuces and one joker. This top hand can only be hit when betting the max coin amount and pays out a gigantic 10,000 coins!

This gives Deuces and Jokers the possibility of an amazing $50,000 top cash prize. Since deuces are wild it’s a little harder to win, no jacks or better here, you need a 3 of kind or better. Four deuces also beat out a wild royal flush. A natural royal flush still pays up to 4000 coins on a max bet.

The player can choose to play any number of coins from 1-5 here. Coins can be .05, .10, .25, .50, $1, $2, $5 in value. Deuces and Jokers has lots of options for any budget.

Wild cards can substitute for any winning combination, so if you have two fives, a joker will make it into trip fives. Wild cards can also be used for any other hand. Winnings are all dependant on how much your bet amount is and how many coins are being played.

6. Double Joker

Double Joker Multihand poker
Double Joker Multihand poker

Double Joker poker is one wild video poker game. In Double Joker you cant win with any one pair, two pair is the lowest possible paying hand. This is because of all the jokers, more wild possibilities make the chance of bigger hands much more possible.

The machine starts out by dealing you 5 cards face up. From here you make the decision of what to hold and what not to, if you already have a winning hand the computer will point it out and hold the cards for you. After this you will draw your replacement cards and see if you win, if you do you aren’t credited immediately. Now you have the chance to collect and send the money to your balance or gamble some more and double your winnings.

The max pay out here is 4000 coins. This is for a natural royal flush and can only be achieved when betting the max coin amount. All hands pay differently depending on how much you bet. The pay table maps it all out clearly if you have any questions.

7. Jacks or Better

Jacks or better multihand video poker
Jacks or better multihand video poker

Jacks or Better is a poker game with no wild cards. As a player your aim is to get a winning hand of jacks or better. Jacks or Better allows for up to $25 a bet or as low as 5 cents, the machine itself is a 5 coin machine so you can play any combination of coins up to $5 per coin.

At the start you select your wager using the coin button at the bottom. Next you pick how many of these coins you want to play, you can choose up to 5. The more you play the higher the pay outs. You are then dealt 5 cards, pick those of which you want to hold and then hit draw. To hold any cards just click on them, you can also deselect cards the computer has auto picked by doing the same thing.

The new cards will then be given and you can see if you hit a winning hand. Any pair of Jacks or Better pays out even money, the pay out increases as you rise in hand strength. The best hand you receive is a royal flush which pays anywhere from 250 all the way up to 4000 coins if bet on the max!

Aces are also counted as being a jack or better. Once you win you can continue to play or try and double your money using the double option. If you’ve have enough you can press the collect button and all of the money will be returned to your balance.