Best Poker Tattoos of 2015

Poker Players are often thought be crazy fellows who are addictive to their poker games. But do you know the fans of poker have gone a step beyond and can be seen having poker tattoos on their body actively participating in Las Vagas or other renowned poker places to boost their passion towards the poker game.

And don’t be surprised to know that designers of tattoos at such places know what the player wants from them and so have poker and things related as familiar designs like the cards, poker chips, roulette, and dice and some luck charm for the player to have on their arms and hands. Some common designs to find are the Pai Gow Dragon Poker image or bells and flowers etc.  Such Tattoos have become a show business at the poker tables where players keep rolling their sleeves up to show their poker tattoos. Whether you win or not is uncertain at the poker game but surely such tattoos boost your morale and spirit towards the play of the game.

Below find the best Poker tattoos of the year 2015.

Hand with cards by Adam Rosenthal.


Kissing Dice Tattoo
Kissing dice Awesome hand tattoo by Carl Grace!


Roll With It Tattoo
Roll with it… Cool realistic tattoo by Daniel Rocha.


Art In Poker Tattoo
Art in Poker… Gorgeous piece by Dave Paulo.


The Sun With Flames Tattoo
The Sun with Flames dice tattoo by Edgar Monjo!


Tattoo In Chest
Tattoo in chest The Roulette Wheel tattoo by Gerrit Bekman.


Coloured Roulette Tattoo
Colored Roulette in arm by Jaroslaw!


Flowers And Dice Tattoo
Flowers Space and Dice by Jones…


Lust Of The Game Tattoo
The Lust of the Game. Hot tattoo by Lucy Parlett!


Half Sleeve Tattoo
Awesome realistic half sleeve by Mark Ellis.


Full Sleeve Tattoo
The Full Sleeve by Mike DeVries.


Poker Black tattoo
Poker Black and grey piece by Nashy Gunz!


Players Tattoo
Player’s tattoo by Paul Boxall. Fabulous reflection’s effect on the glasses!


Behind The Back Tattoo
Behind the back … By Paweł Kucharski.


Large Roulette Tattoo
Large roulette tattoo by Thomas Pollard.


Any designs you know! Do Share.

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