The Four Great Winning Stories to Awaken your Guts for Success

Wake up guys…there are stories to tell..the four great winning tales to cherish

1. The well informed bet of Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather

You know about Floyd Mayweather -one of the most famous boxers in the world. His superb understanding and inside knowledge of sports gave him a special place in sports betting. He is well-informed and through careful calculating Mayweather knows how to place safe bets.

His most famous bet yet was in June 2013, when he put $5.9 million on the Miami Heat in the NBA Eastern Finals. He being a wealthy player and knew exactly what he was doing, by placing a well-informed bet

The Heat lost the sixth playoff game in the series to the Indiana Pacers in Indianapolis, and prepared for game 7 against the Pacers again, but this time in Miami. The odds were against the Pacers, and Miami hadn’t lost back-to-back games throughout the finals. The Heat easily won 99 to 76, and Mayweather took home another $5 million.

2. Fred Smith and his Good Blackjack

Fred Smith

Do you know who is Fred Smith? None other than CEO of Fed Ex the global shipping giant.

Smith’s big win story takes place in 1973, when FedEx was just a small, young company with only $5000 in its bank account. Smith got a $24,000 jet fuel bill. If he wouldn’t pay it, no flight would leave the ground. He applied for a loan with General Dynamics and was turned down. Smith realised this was a ‘nothing-more-to-lose’ situation. Either he paid the fuel bill, or FedEx will have to shut down.

Smith withdrew the $5000 from the bank account, and took a flight to Las Vegas. He sat at a Blackjack table and through a lucky streak made it into $27,000. When he got what he needed for the fuel bill he stopped. FedEx was saved from bankruptcy, and the rest is shipping history.

Do you know what he quote to his friend, “If I hadn’t tried, or haven’t won, the result would have been the same. I had nothing to lose – those $5000 alone wouldn’t make a difference.”

3. Big win with Joseph Jagger in Monte carlo

Joseph Jagger

Now this story is very special as it dates back to 1873. Location the Beaux-Arts casino at Monte Carlo, the grand winning happened.

Joseph Jagger was fed up from his work as a mechanical engineer in the cotton industry. His professional experience taught him many things about machines, one thing in particular: some mechanical machines have small imperfections. He applied this understanding to a surprising conclusion – some roulette wheels must have a bias, must not be perfectly balanced.

This tool him off Monte Carlo, six helpers he hired, and sent them to the Beaux-Arts casino to watch and record every winning number on all six roulettes in the house. When he looked at the results it was obvious that one of the six wheels had a bias. Nine specific numbers on one side of the wheel won over and over again, more often than chance can support.

The next day, dressed in his finest attire he walked into the casino and in three straight days of playing that specific roulette with those specific 9 numbers, won $300,000. Remember that this feat of clever conclusion-drawing was in 1873. This sum is the equivalent of $5 million in today’s money. Mr. Jagger placed a well-informed bet, almost risk-free. Careful observation and some basic math dealt him a winning card.

4. Phil Ivey -The Greatest Poker Player

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is the best poker player in the world. He has won 10 World Series of Poker bracelets in just 14 years of time frame

Ivey is a master of his own craft. He is the Tiger Woods of poker as not many can beat him, but everyone wants to play against him. One memorable such game was in 2006 in The Wynn Resort hotel in Vegas. The Dallas billionaire Andy Beal just had to play against Ivey. He didn’t care about the money he knew he would lose to the number one poker player in the world – he just wanted to play. They played heads-up Limit Texas Hold’em with stakes at $50,000/$100,000.

No big surprise, Ivey won and took home $16 million after a three-day game. Beal said after that he had a blast, and that Ivey is indeed an amazing poker player.

So what you learnt with these stories.  They were well informed of the games they played and knew when to use their bets and proper strategy. Also most important they all had the will power to fight for win. Which story you liked?

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