Which Casino Game Suits Your Personality?

Casino Personality

Do you love playing casino games? Which casino game you like the most and what game makes you a successful winner? The personality of yours speaks in answering all such questions.  According to Henry Tumburin who wrote “Choosing the Right Game for your Personality” in Casino Player Magazine, describes how different personality types influence your choice on casino games.

Tamburin has formulated an intelligent typology which is a system for classifying behaviour based on universal characteristics that casino players could employ in order to determine whether or not the game that they are playing is the one that most suits their personality. He identifies ten personality types and matches them to the corresponding casino games.

1. Extroverts players love Craps

Extroverts are usually outgoing, enjoy being noticed and interacting with other in a social games and they love to play Craps. They have got the stamina to fight for the Big Win. They focus on their goal and determine to succeed.

2. Introverts types love pokies, Video poker, Roulette and mini Baccarat

Introverts are shy, quiet and prefers to play solitary games like pokies, video poker, roulette and mini baccarat. They work hard to follow the game rules and though seems tensed while at play but they keep their smile on. They are generous by nature and are care free and can grow from rags to riches with their confidence.

3. Risk Takers love Progressive slots, Keno, Craps and high stakes games

Risk taker personality loves living and playing on the edge, when it comes to betting they put in significant amounts of money if they feel there is a good chance of winning. They love to even end with a tie for winnings and love to speculate too.

4. Frugal types love Video Poker

Frugal personality hates spending money and wants as much value as possible. As this type of personality is sophisticated they take Vegas games like storm and like to bet on odds just as with their confidence they hope for great wins.

5. Flamboyant player loves Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps

For those who like to attract their stylish appearance they love to play Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps. Sometimes they can be called as too hyper as they are easily bored easily and want new challenges. And even if they lose they forget easily and are back to their table again focusing on next deal.

6. Intuitive love Pokies and Poker

Intuitives love to play pokies and poker games a lot. Be it, Let it ride, Caribean stud three card poker and new generation pokies they always go with their hut feeling to predict the outcomes of bets in these games.

7. Thinking type players love Poker, Blackjack and Video Poker as well as tournaments

Thinking type personalities enjoy poker games, Blackjack and video poker like discerning game play outcomes and employ strategies to win

8. Insightful types love Blackjack and Video Poker

Insightful personality players enjoys putting knowledge and skill into action in order to win in the games like Blackjack and Video Poker

9. Feeling or emotional types love Pokies and Video Poker

This personality flows with their emotions as to what games to pick and bets to make and they love to play Pokies and video poker

10. Competitive types love any casino game Poker games and Pokies tournaments

Competitive personality is quite thrilling and betting is their hobby as they gather strength and skill against any game you give them to play for winning. They will never say no and will definitely take part or think to get involved in casino tournament games too.

Among these personality types you will find some types do overlap and can have more than one traits and love for games. Like for Penny poker players are best describes as “Feeling, Flamboyant and Extrovert” and high value video poker players as “Risk Taking, Thinking, Introverts”.

Now next time when playing at the casino do watch out your personality and choose the game that best suits you and may be you are destined for a millionaire win.

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