Red Baron – Your Chance To Be The Pilot

About Red Baron pokie game

One of the most popular pokies games developed by Aristocrat Technologies definitely is the Red Baron. The game itself is based on the world famous pilot from the World War I, Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen. He spent so much time in a red biplane, and he became much respected and well known all around the globe. Moreover, the legendary pilot was a subject in many movies and cartoons, and thanks to Aristocrat, he is a part of the game. When it comes to this game, you can be sure you will enjoy it, especially because the graphic and sound effects in it are brilliant. Moreover, the game has:

  • 5 reels and 243 paylines
  • Bonus rounds
  • Free spins

Concept of the game

Since the Red Baron is a pilot of the World War I, the game is created to follow that era completely. The reel symbols such as Red Baron himself, radios, medals, different targets and planes, and background of the game are staying true to that period. Aristocrat developers gave their best to create the game that will provide the players unique enjoyment and fun while playing. From the moment you start with it, you will realize how interesting it is.


How to play the game

As any other game created by Aristocrat, playing mode is simple and easy, which is why you can enjoy in this game even if you are a newbie. The Red Baron game has 243 paylines and 5 reels. When it comes to the bet, the minimum is 0.01, and 5 is the maximum. The maximum of the entire bet can be up to $125. If you compare this to some other games, the sum is much higher. Of course, that means you can win more, and maximum is $37.500. It is an ideal game for all those players who enjoy high-stakes games.

Bonuses, jackpots and free spins

One of the best things about Red Baron is the fact you will come across many bonus rounds, and you will be able to win even more money. Free spins are available as well, up to 15. Without a doubt, you will enjoy playing the game, and winning, especially big. The game is based on the World War I pilot, but while playing it, you have the chance to be the pilot. Place your bets wisely, and expect to win big.

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