Right Way to Play Poker- By Tom Cat Harry Whisker

Interested in Playing Poker! Have you made your choice to go to Las Vegas Poker Room? Here we present some valuable tips by our expert Tom Cat Harry Whisker who loves to have poker day in and day out with all his buddies. He will explain in his “memes” that “Once inside follow the right way to Play”.

Play at night

Play At Night

Playing at night time at Las Vegas offers more fun and entertainment.  The night clubs with glittering lights and loud sounds adds more excitement inside the poker rooms.

Take Help At The Sign Desk

Waiting for Poker

Poker room in Las Vegas has a sign desk. Here you can receive information about the games going on and also you can come to know which games have immediate open seating.  And the game which you wish to play had no open seat, you can add your name to the wait list at the sign desk.  Wait lists are commonly found in a Las Vegas poker room, especially during peak evening/night hours.  You will have to wait for a seat for you in a poker game.

Note the Minimum and Maximum Buy In For Games

Having A Seat At Poker

Now as you have a seat at the Poker table, it is important to take note of the minimum and maximum buy-in for the game. A typical $1/$2 no-limit game in Las Vegas will have a maximum buy-in of $200 with a minimum ranging anywhere from $40-$100. Some casinos are exception to the above said buy in for a game.

Have Cash Instead of Chips

Having Cash At Poker

You almost never need to arrive at the poker table with chips-in-hand. Cash will do. Put the money you wish to buy-in for on the table. The dealer will direct a chip-runner to retrieve your cash and bring you an equivalent amount of chips. It is customary to tip the chip-runner a dollar or two for this service.

Tip the Dealer

Tip The Dealer

You should tip the dealer in a live poker game. When you win a pot more then $25 you need to tip the dealer whatever amount you wish (though generally $1-$5 is given). It just helps a little to the less paid dealer and also adds your goodwill at the poker table.

Food Service

Food At The Table

There is food service available at Poker rooms. When in need for drinks and food while playing the game just ask politely.

Know the Jackpot and Promotions

Looking For jackpots

As a poker player you should be having all the information about jackpots and ongoing promotions.  When you are playing special hands you need to be aware of such bonuses and prizes that add worth to your playing.

Have a Problem Call the Floor

Having A Fight

Many a times a problem may arise at the table like a complaint about a player, dissatisfaction about the game or something you disagree. In such cases if these are not being resolved by the dealer it is better to call the floor over the table for an executive decision on any such matter.

So now the picture of poker room is clear to you. Move ahead and have the full fun at poker play!

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