Is Poker Machine Always the Winner- The 10 Myths Busted

Poker Machines

Does poker machine always has the advantage to win? When you play pokies you are the controller not the pokies machine. Then what does Pokies Machine do? They entertain you and you pay them for your amusement. They are glamorous with flashy lights and great sounds to excite and entice you. Hmm..look at them they are colourful and you want to sit and play. Pokies are just computer programs designed for your entertainment. Here are 10 myths busted for you to believe that poker machines are not always the winners but it is you who actually win or lose.

#1. Myth: Poker machines are more likely to pay out at particular times of the day.
Fact: The result of each game is entirely random and is not affected by anything going on around you. The game has no way of knowing the amount of money the machine contains.

#2. Myth: You can confuse poker machines into paying out by altering play patterns.
Fact: No matter what you do, the computer program determining the result does not change. The machine responds only to you pushing the button.

#3. Myth: You can influence the outcome of a game by touching the machine or pushing buttons in a particular way.
Fact: The machine’s buttons have only two states, on or off. No difference in approach to the pushing of the buttons will yield different results.

#4. Myth: You can influence the outcome of a game through concentration or positive thought.
Fact: The machine will always remain random, it cannot be convinced otherwise. The machine responds only to you pushing the button and nothing else.

#5. Myth: You can make up for past losses by continuing to play.
Fact: The result of your last game has no bearing on the result of your next game. It is illegal for poker machines in many parts of the country to base outcomes of games on previous outcomes. Poker machines cannot react to the frequency of wins or losses. The games operate randomly at all times no matter how many wins or losses have occurred in the past.

#6. Myth: Certain machines are “hotter” or “luckier” than others.
Fact: Poker machines are simply computers programmed to randomly select outcomes. While the odds may change depending on the game being played, individual machines are never “hot” or “lucky”.

#7. Myth: A “close miss” is an indication of an upcoming win.
Fact: Every event or “spin” is random and a separate event. A near miss means as much as any other loss.

#8. Myth: You are a skilled player and can beat the odds
Fact: Skill has no bearing on the outcome of playing the pokies. Your chance of winning when you sit down are the same as the person next to you.

#9. Myth: Poker Machines pay you more than you bet
Fact: They are designed to take more money from you than they pay back

#10. Myth: Longer you will play, more you will win
Fact:  The longer you play a poker machine, the more likely it is you will lose all the money you’ve put in.

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