What Are The Popular Bets On Auto Racing?

What are the popular Bets on Auto Racing?

If you love races and look out for an online bookie to bet on races then have you ever thought of auto racing? As a kid you must have played many video games on auto racing. What a fun to race on the choice of your dream cars.  Engineers design faster cars with more foot-pounds of torque just to keep your need for speed satisfied. On a real race, it takes a skilled driver to keep that land rocket on the track and out of the stands; winning a race is much more than just putting the pedal to the metal.

Types of Auto Races

There are many types of auto races you can bet on, each with its own variables and odds. Some racing circuits share the same types of bets and others have their own specialty wagers.

The most popular auto races are Formula One, the IndyCar races, and NASCAR. There are many other divisions and classes of auto racing, all determined by the type of car, track, and time spent racing.

Formula One

Formula 1 racing is still based largely in Europe, Asia and Latin America has discovered the sport in recent years. Yet even while countries like Bahrain and Malaysia have picked up the event, F1 Grand Prix tickets and F1 merchandise items are hardly the money makers they once were in the United States. Here’s an introduction to the world of Formula 1 racing.

The Formula 1 circuit is typically eighteen races, with about half the races in Europe. In the sport’s early years almost all the events were in the UK or on the Continent, with a single event typically reserved for the US’ legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the State of Indiana. As the major centers for both F1 drivers and constructors, the UK, Germany and Italy are regular European hosts. In recent years the sport has grown in popularity in the Middle East and much of Asia. India with their constructor team is regularly on the circuit, as well as Abu Dhabi and Turkey.

Wagering on Formula 1 racing is available at many sports-books online. Because of the extreme nature of the sport F1 wagering is extremely interesting. You need to keep on top of the drivers stats and their history on the track where the race you wager on is held. Many sports-books will provide you with this information including odds for a race and various betting options.

Formula One (F1) racing sits at the pinnacle of motorsports. Each car’s format is open-top, open-wheel, rear-engine, and the motors are designed by the top racing engine manufacturers in the world. Each engine is custom designed for each car every year, which makes this multi-million-dollar spectacle the gas-powered equivalent of Thoroughbred horse racing.

Formula 1 Auto races bets


NASCAR Betting involves putting your money on one of the fastest races around and it can empty your pockets just as quick if you have no idea about NASCAR betting. If you have never placed a bet on a NASCAR race or have been losing more than winning when NASCAR betting this article may help you improve your skills on predicting the next racing champion and winning lots of money.

To begin with you have to put aside your intuition and your belief that your favorite driver will win the race. Emotions or hunches won’t help you win any NASCAR betting event and you should only rely on information available on drivers, races and the tracks they will race on.

If you really want to be successful and rake in the cash, begin analyzing statistics and all the information you can gather on NASCAR. Stay on top of the racing scene by doing continual research, keep up on the news and read plenty of articles which you can find in magazines or online.

One of the things you should do to improve your chances when NASCAR betting is to keep a close eye on Nascar odds & matchups. This way you will know who the odds-makers have chosen as the top drivers right up to race time. 

NASCAR races use standard front-engine, rear-wheel-drive stock cars with ‘old school’ V8 engines churning out up to 900 horsepower in some circuits. NASCAR may not push billions through its cars and drivers like F1, but it is still the number one spectator sport in America.

NASCAR auto races bets

Le Mans

Probably the world’s hardest car race, the 24 hours of Le Mans is all about endurance motorsport, concentrating on the ability of manufacturers to build sports cars that are reliable rather than the fastest machines on the track.

Because the nature of endurance racing requires cars that last the distance and spend as little time in the pits as possible, Le Mans sport cars are the perfect example of an auto manufacturer’s innovative drive in producing reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles.

The total entry to Le Mans has usually consisted of approximately 50 competitors, and although all cars compete at the same time, there are separate classes. A prize is awarded to the winner of each class, and to the overall winner. Custom-built Le Mans Prototypes form the top two classes divided by speed, weight, and power output.

When wagering on sports car racing you must stay on top of drivers statistics. How have they been preforming, how did they perform in the past in the race your betting on. Sportsbooks will provide you with some of this information but most importantly they will provide you with the odds for the race. The more investigation you do the better odds you will have of placing a winning bet.

Indy car races

The IndyCar races (Indy 500, Daytona 500, etc.) also use carbon fiber, single-seat, open-wheel cars like those in F1 racing; however, the racing teams buy their cars from Dallara Automobili in Italy. The engines are either Honda or Chevrolet 2.2 liter twin-turbo V-6 engines.

Types of Auto Racing Bets

As with horse racing, there are several types of bets to contend with. You can bet on a single winner, a stage winner, or a series winner. Some of the bets made in auto racing don’t even require the winner to pass the checkered flag.

  • To-Win Bets: To-win bets are the easiest starting point when betting on auto racing. Simply put, you are simply betting on a single winner of an auto race. And with 20-40 drivers to bet on in each race, you need to look at the racing odds to find the favorite.
  • Matchup Bets: Another type of auto racing bet is the matchup bet. This is where the sportsbook will choose two drivers for a particular race, and you bet on which driver will finish ahead of the other driver.
  • Stage Winners: Some auto races are performed in stages, with wagering possible at each stage. NASCAR holds races in three stages, with two initial stages and a final stage. You can bet on who will win each stage and win money, even if those two drivers don’t win the final race. This is a great way to split your betting action and spread the bankroll around evenly during the entire racing event. Rather than waiting for a single winner to emerge after days or weeks of racing, you can bet and win all throughout the three races.
  • Pole Position Bets: A really popular auto racing bet is the pole position bet. Racers qualify for the big race by solo runs around the racetrack. It’s easier for most drivers to achieve higher speeds when they aren’t weaving in and out of the crowed racing traffic. You can bet on the driver with the fastest qualifying time. This driver starts first in the race, having secured the pole position.
  • Podium Finish Bets: Another popular bet in the auto racing world is the podium finish bets. As the name suggests, the podium is where the top three racers stand and receive their cups, medals, and champagne showers. All you need to do to win a podium finish bet is to bet on any driver to make the final three. If that driver is standing at the podium at the end of the race (either first, second, or third place), you win the bet.

Finally note that, as with all betting, you need to act wisely. Before you throw your money at the race cars, be sure to develop a good strategy for betting on auto races. That means watching the races to get a feel for the different cars, drivers, and the odds for each team to win.

The Auto racing circuit is an incredible marketing and advertising platform generating millions of dollars in revenue. There is no other market, including the NFL Superbowl, that can create brand recognition and customer support like the world of auto racing. Although auto racing has been around for many years, it remains one of the fastest developing sports activities in the world.

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