Can You Be Creative With These Chips!


It is not always a surety to win at poker table in a high reputed casino. Many a times you may lose a game. You had thought to take it up for the win and so you got thousand or hundred dollars chips to play at your favourite table. But when losing all those chips they end up lying there only at the table. You had spare chips too of lower denominations($1) perhaps you had thought an awesome blackjack hitting your number on roulette or you might have thought to serve yourself cocktail and cash the server or the table dealer.
So, what to do with these leftover chips? Do you want them just to let go and leave them. And honestly many of the players think this option a better as facing embarrassment of losing or cashing ($1 or $3) them out at the counter.  But sensible it is your property and your money and also you can take them back home as a souvenir or a treasure for remembering the casino and the game you played rather than lamenting on your loss.
Bringing them home you might just stack them in a drawer or your kids might play for a while. But being creative with those chips can boost yourself among your friends and near ones that you did play well and win or lose is a game of chance.
Here are a few ideas that can help you do something more better with those chips and also will show your skill in inventing something of your own.

Collect and Display as Hobby

Brag your collection and say it is a wonderful hobby. You can make a display album if you have more of your different kinds of chips. You can arrange them into categories like casinos, games, color, denominations and designs. Also is you have been to Las Vegas you might have collected different chips that they use in their poker rooms than rest of their casinos.


You can make keychains out of the single chips you might have got. Perhaps you have just one laying around from your favorite old casino and crafting it into a key chain will remind you of the trip. All you need is a chain and a ring or many times you have this available at home from your old broken ones and can be reused. Punch a small hole and screw the chain and use it or can gift it too.


Another popular classic can also be done with multiple chips  is to make a Jewellery item like necklace or bracelet. You can take the help of some jewelry expert too in design and how to do. A casino chip necklace makes a good gift or group souvenir. Bonus points if you make one necklace with multiple chips strung along the chain for a more robust effect. Same thing can be done with earrings. You can add beads and pearls to bracelet according to your creativity.


This can be as simple as framing a few from different casinos to incorporating many into a much larger scale production such as spelling out V-E-G-A-S,  R-O-Y-A-L-E-C-A-S-I-N-O the year of your trip, or your favorite hotel. There are endless opportunities here. Inventive idea seen is a framed recreation of the Strip done with each casino being represented by its own casino chip. You can make a picture frame or just stick them into any design on marble, wood or glass and make a 3D art piece!

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes
For the more committed collector, this option is a touch more complicated, but the results are incredible and it would be an impressive custom piece, sure to generate lots of conversation. Surprisingly, they sound pretty neat, too! Bonus points if each chip was garnered on a separate trip and you have a special story to accompany its acquisition. Also wind chimes produce positive vibes around you!

Poker Set

Poker Set
There is nothing better for your home poker games than a REAL casino chip set. Sure, it will cost you a pretty penny with a typical poker set having a minimum of 500 chips (at $1, it’s simple but expensive math). Another obstacle is that most casinos now use standard colors to denote chip value, with $1 typically being blue, white or a mixture of the two. It could be a challenge, but it is possible to find enough variations to create your own set with five different casinos representing the different standard values.
Last not the least if you do not want anything out of these chips to be done you can have them for an auction and sell it to the person who collects these as a hobby!
But remember creative spell will have you get back to the winner energy and rejuvenate you for your next play at Casino!
Any more ideas! Share it below!

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